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 My Hair Restoration Journal
Day of 2nd Hair Transplant at H&W
Posted: April 18, 2007
2nd Hair Transplant photos---DAY 2 & DAY 4 POST OP
Posted: April 24, 2007
graft count

Great surgery! Can you tell us how many graft...
by Bola
4/26/2007 9:03:30 AM

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Bald Class 5


My first hair transplant was in August of 2006 with Dr. Robert Leonard of Rhode Island. Unfortunately, he doesn't provide any counts, so I was unsure of the exact quantity of FU's or hairs transplanted. At the time, I really hadn't done as much research as I should have, and would have asked a lot more questions if I had. The work was OK, but the finish product was nowhere near what I was expecting.

I decided to have my second hair transplant with Dr. Wong after seeing the results he achieved. The breakdown of
FU's is as follows: 1600 at crown, 380 at right temple area, 220 at left temple area, & 2138 at front & sides at the top.

Rhodeman had surgery performed by Jerry Wong, MD

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 My Hair Loss Story.

My hair loss started in my early 20's. I've been looking for an acceptable solution for too long.

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