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 My Hair Restoration Journal
Immediately pre-op
Posted: February 16, 2009
Immediately post-op
Posted: February 17, 2009
5 days post-op
Posted: February 22, 2009
9 days post-op
Posted: February 26, 2009
12 days post-op
Posted: March 1, 2009
3 weeks post-op
Posted: March 9, 2009
3 weeks post-op (close ups)
Posted: March 9, 2009
3 weeks post-op (with concealer)
Posted: March 10, 2009
4 weeks post-op
Posted: March 16, 2009
4 weeks post-op (close-ups)
Posted: March 16, 2009
6 weeks post-op
Posted: March 29, 2009
10 weeks post-op
Posted: April 28, 2009
15 weeks post-op
Posted: June 2, 2009
18 weeks post-op
Posted: June 22, 2009
5 months post-op
Posted: July 17, 2009
6 months post-op (wet)
Posted: August 17, 2009
6.5 months post-op (short hair)
Posted: September 7, 2009
6.5 months post-op (close-ups)
Posted: September 7, 2009
8 months post-op
Posted: October 17, 2009
8 months post-op (close-ups)
Posted: October 17, 2009
Direct comparison: pre-op and 8.5 months
Posted: October 27, 2009
10 months post-op
Posted: December 13, 2009
One year post-op (wet)
Posted: February 17, 2010
One year post-op (outside)
Posted: February 17, 2010
One year post-op (inside)
Posted: February 17, 2010
19 months post-op
Posted: September 17, 2010
Two years & 6 months post-op
Posted: August 14, 2011
Great Result

Really appreciate the detailed updates &...
by headfunk
9/8/2011 1:45:50 PM

Looks Great!
Acrobaz, as I've said before, I think your hair...
by David (TakingThePlunge)
9/27/2010 3:00:34 AM

Great Result!


Thanks for updating your journal....
by Youngsuccess
2/28/2010 8:09:01 PM

10 Months


Thanks for taking and presenting...
by Bill
12/14/2009 1:41:28 PM

This is nice.

Huge difference in the 8.5 and pre op shots....
by byehair
10/29/2009 2:15:51 PM

8 Months


Thanks for keeping us posted...
by Bill
10/18/2009 10:52:16 PM

looking good!

hey man, progressing well.

will be keeping...
by andy h
9/23/2009 5:55:39 PM

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you!!!!  ...
by Very Thankful
8/15/2009 3:32:05 PM

Looking Good


It looks like you've seen some...
by Bill
7/19/2009 11:02:13 PM

The Emergence of Hair Growth


The long wait for signs of growth...
by Bill
6/27/2009 11:35:57 PM

Good progress

Great job and progressing very nicely. Its encouaging...
by Lastchance
5/29/2009 10:13:56 AM

10 Weeks


You're right where I'd expect...
by Bill
5/10/2009 11:05:22 PM

Great pics - keep them coming!
by Spex
5/1/2009 9:41:09 AM

Looking good

Your hair is coming along nicely. ...
by Yankeesfan
3/28/2009 11:30:41 AM

Looking good
Hey looking good dude.
I (and I am sure everyone...
by Andy
3/16/2009 5:08:00 PM


Congratulations on your recent hair...
by Bill
3/9/2009 12:57:04 AM


Looks good man. Feller does a really clean job....
by Abe
3/1/2009 12:58:15 PM

Congrats and a question

Looks great and congratulations!!! I have an...
by Mark
2/28/2009 1:17:38 PM

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 5 months post-op
Posted :7/17/2009

I'm very pleased with how things are progressing. The hairline is thickening at the quickest rate (although the right side at a slower pace than the left) and the area behind my forelock is thickening at the slowest rate. But I know that this is a long game and so I am staying patient. There is a lot of time to go yet, but the early results are encouraging. I still get the occasional spot/pimple around the recipient area although none around the scar any more. The feelings of tightness in the donor area have gone entirely. I have also begun to get a few comments from friends, mostly along the lines of "have you lost some weight?" or "have you had a new haircut?" The pictures below were taken in daylight (shade) without flash although the last one in direct sunlight. I was wearing a small amount of gel.

The developing hairline.

Another picture of the developing hairline - I like this one.

Left hand side.

Right hand side.

Top of head in daylight (shade) - still quite a gap behind the forelock.

Top of head in direct sunlight. I have included this to give an honest picture of how my scalp still catches the sun if given half a chance!

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Growth : 7/19/2009 5:26:27 PM
By :Hairloss

Oh yea that's looking real good.  I like to see your progress because im about 1 1/2 months behind you.   Its good too see the Feller timeline at work.   Congrats on making the right choice.

very good, but how about wet? : 8/10/2009 10:00:46 AM
By :casham

very good results, I'm very encouraged for you.  Would you mind posting pictures of how the hair looks wet, as in directly out of the shower, or while swimming?  Thank you in advance.

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