Things You Learn When You Have a Hair Transplant

8/10/2016 9:02:34 AM

Today's modern hair transplant surgery is natural and virtually undetectable.  Just like the head of hair you were born with, transplanted hair grows, requires cutting and can be styled any way you like.  And while men and women suffering from hair loss may obsess about balding, hair transplant patients typically forget all about their scalps.  Below, read about 5 things hair transplant patients learn after undergoing surgery.

1. Hair transplant surgery is practically pain free.

Prospective hair restoration patients are often concerned about pain and experience at least some anxiety weeks and days before their procedure.  But other than a few pinches during the local anesthetic, the procedure is pretty smooth sailing. 

2. Patience is Important

They say patience is a virtue, but nobody likes to wait.  Hair transplant patients quickly learn that results from their procedure don't happen overnight.  The healing phase during the first couple of months is typically the hardest part.  Some mild redness, possible shock loss (temporary loss of natural hair due to trauma from surgery), etc. can sometimes have patients panicking and questioning whether or not they've made the right decision.  But 12 months later, the wait is over and the result has grown in and matured.

3. Age is Just a Number

Hair transplant patients typically look much more youthful.  Many hair transplant patients even start to work out and lose weight to complete their look.  12 to 18 months after hair transplant surgery, many patients are hardly recognizable and complimented for their transformation.  Yet most people don't even realize it's largely because of their new hair.

4. Confidence Comes From Within

A new head of hair and weight loss is great.  But hair transplant patients soon realize that it's their new found confidence from within that makes them feel great. 

5. You notice Others Who've Had Hair Transplants

Older hair plugs can be spotted from a mile away. But most people don't even know about today's hair transplant surgery.  For those who've had one, they become acutely aware of others who've had work done.  Most people can't detect the best hair transplants.  But somehow patients just know who's gotten work done and who hasn't.

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