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Name:William H. Lindsey, MD


Hair Restoration Services offered:
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
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Dr. William Lindsey provides ultra refined hair transplantation with excellent results.

Why Dr. Lindsey is recommended.

Dr. William Lindsey of Lindsey Medical has over 10 years of hair transplant experience and performs ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation as the primary part of his practice at his clinic in McLean, VA.

Dr. Lindsey performs both state of the art FUT / strip and Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE at his clinic depending on the needs of each patient. Dr Lindsey believes FUE is a viable supplement to strip however, given the additional forces placed on the follicle during extraction, FUE should be used and performed on a very limited basis. He and his staff have the skill and capability to perform very large sessions of over 2500 follicular unit grafts when appropriate for the patient.  They also perform only one surgery per day in order to focus on the patient of the day. 

Dr. William Lindsey does and has performs hair transplant surgery on men, women and children. While it's unusual to perform these kinds of procedures on children, there have and are situations where it's appropriate. This is true for women as well, though it's more typical to perform for women than children.

Dr. Lindsey’s highly trained staff, averaging four years of experience, trim all follicular unit grafts under microscopes and then place them delicately into tiny recipient sites under the direct supervision of Dr. Lindsey. He closes the donor area using the trichophytic closure technique, which helps produce a scar that is pencil thin and easily hidden beneath the hair.

His flexible approach of adapting his use of both parallel (sagital) and perpendicular (coronal/lateral) recipient incisions allows him to mimic natural hair direction while minimizing scalp trauma.  Dr. Lindsey has worked in close association with Dr. Alan Feller over the past several years and learned the advanced ultra refined techniques for which Dr. Feller is renowned. In addition, Dr. Lindsey's staff of technicians received intensive training with Dr. Feller and his staff.

Dr. Lindsey’s specialties include dense packing when appropriate for the patient, hair transplant repair, and scar repair.

Dr. Lindsey has a strong background in facial plastic surgery. However, in recent years he has focused his skills and resources on providing state of the art hair transplantation to his patients.

Dr. Lindsey received his board certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery in 1996 and from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1999. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).

Dr. Lindsey, his surgical technique, and patient results were carefully reviewed by our patient based online hair loss community.  To view the highlights of this review, click here.

To learn more about Dr. William Lindsey, visit their hair transplant website at

hair transplant photos and results


Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3000
Baldness Class: 3
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2700
Baldness Class: 5
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Female Transplant
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2700
Baldness Class: 4
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Baldness Class: NA
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Baldness Class: 3V
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 100
Baldness Class: NA
Procedure Type: FUE

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 300
Female Transplant
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2700
Baldness Class: 2A
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 2700
Repair Work
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3000
Baldness Class: 5A
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Hair Transplant

Sessions: 1
Grafts: 3000
Baldness Class: 3V
Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

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I had basal cell cancer removed from my scalp near the hairline. I had Moh's Surgery twice in the same spot. The procedure left a permanent bald spot that concerned me. As a female, losing even the smallest amount of hair can be devastating. After...

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Hair loss accelerated about 5 years ago. I live 45 mins from Dr Lindsey (McClean) and so saw him for a consultation a month ago. I wanted FUE initially but he persuaded me to go with strip. No pressure just that it made sense. 


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I began to notice my hair loss at 24 years of age and decided to do something about it. I had a hair transplant done in 2004 of a supposed amount of 1200 grafts and and another hair transplant in 2005 of a supposed 1000 grafts. I entered into these...

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starting losing hair at age 18. got worse and worse. now 25. Special shout out to Spex for setting everything up at short notice.

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I have always had the worst hair...very thin and a very high forehead.  I never really noticed how high my forehead was until I was in my late teens.  The temples of my hairline have always been high.  They seemed to have gotten a...

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Been losing hair since I was 25. Had my first FUT at 32 then another one at 39 and a FUE/BHT at 45

My future plan is to focus on scar revision. Then one last BHT

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6 1/2 months out


Started thinning senior year of college.  Didn't really think anything of it at the time, but after a few years it really started to progress and I finally took some action.

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Pre Op


Started thinning in the front after high school.  Propecia is controlling additional loss, so figured it was time.

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13 months post-surgery

Mint 400

I began noticing hair loss in my early 20's and didn't think much of it since I had alot of hair and was able to style my hair to cover my receding hair line.  By my late 20's my hair loss was noticeable and was beginning to effect my...

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27 days pre-op. Note the recession in


I first noticed hairloss at the age of 22. I had been looking at my school ID, taken the previous year. I compared it to a picture taken the previous day. Behold: the hair in my "frontal triangle region," (the corners of the hairline--which had always...

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Shortly after the procedure


I had a relatively minor case of hair loss, and as I am approaching 30, I decided to seek surgical treatment. I have what everybody considers to be very thick, dark hair, so the hairless patches above my temples were very defined and pronounced...

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I was never born with a great head of hairs, but had a lot of them in my late teens.  I never thought I would loose my hairs so quickly, and when it happened I became upset and depressed.  My hair loss became very noticible during...

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I first started notice that I was losing hair in the temple region when I was about 19. Male pattern baldness runs in my family on both sides (thought I do have relatives with full heads of hair), and it looked like I was going down that path. In the...

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Hair Transplant Patient Experiences Posted on our Hair Restoration Forum

Creating a Natural Feminine Hairline in Transgender Hair Transplant Patient


Here’s a 7 month update on a transgender hair transplant patient who’d had several brow and hairline procedures by 2 different plastic surgeons.

2638 FUT (PRFM) w/ Dr. William Lindsey (McLean, VA) on 12/7/2016


Dr. Lindsey patient "JPlessinger shares his hair transplant experience and photos.

2600 with Dr. William Lindsey 6/28/2012


"buckeyefan" had a hair transplant done on June, 28, 2012 by Dr. William Lindsey. Here is a detailed account of his experience.

FUE with Dr William Lindsey


Forum member "drivein" traveled all the way from England for this hair FUE with Dr. Lindsey. Read about his experience here.

BigRed's Hair Restoration Journal


"BigRed", a member of our hair loss community presents his 4 month hair transplant repair results.

3600 graft with Dr. Lindsey


Forum member "danteef" shares the details of his recent hair transplant with Dr. William Lindsey.

Sucessfull hair transplant 1 year results!


Forum member "novapaitent" shares his impressive one year results of his hair transplant with Dr. William Lindsey.

HT procedure with Dr Lindsey


Forum member "aasyd" traveled all the way from Sydney, Australia for his hair transplant with Dr. Lindsey. He states, "I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Lindsey to anyone even if you live as far as i do. Its worth the trip"

Dr. William Lindsey HT


In this thread, forum member "EH" recounts his positive hair transplant experience with Dr. Lindsey and his staff.

Happy after 1,791 Grafts with Dr. Lindsey


Forum member "GuyInDC" reviews his recent hair transplant experience: "I'm thrilled with Dr. Lindsey. He was professional from the very beginning."

2400 Grafts with Dr. Lindsey


Forum member "Mint 400" shares his surgical experience and photos with Dr. Lindsey. "I know it is early but I am extremely pleased so far with the initial results. Excellent doctor, excellent staff!!"

Russianhead receives 3000 Grafts with Dr. Lindsey


After 3000 grafts placed in the front half of his thinning hair, this patient is very satisfied with his result. He states emphatically, "I am just past 10 months and couldn't be happier"

Hair Transplant Videos: Patient Results and Education

31 year old class 6 fine hair after 2 cases Dr. Lindsey

Some of you may recall this guy's earlier video. He's a 31 year old guy who has fine hairs, very white skin, and is now 19 months out from starting with us. The day we did this video we did a final case to finish off his current balding crown and hopefully he'll travel back to DC next Christmas to show us the results. I'll send him a link so he can chime in.

Most importantly for you shoppers...if you have FINE hair...make sure you know what fine hair transplantation can and cannot do. This guy and his pretty nurse anesthetist wife are very pleased with his coverage even with short hair. BUT if preoperatively we had suggested he'd have a head full of bushy hair...all of us would be disappointed. And I see people coming in every week who swear they were promised a head full of luxurious hair by a consultant who was more interested in the commission than informing the patient of realistic results.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | in 2 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey Step by step hairline/scar repair video

In this 9 minute video, Wendy and I review exactly how we repair a low density hairline and a low wide scar in a health care professional who had a previous case done elsewhere. For many of you this is old knowledge, but some of the newbies may benefit from seeing what to avoid the first time...and how these issues can be repaired.

His video was in the pipeline for a the last short segment at his 5 week check showing his really nice early scarring was done after the video was there is no comment in that section but the patient does tell his experience.

Male | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair

Dr. Lindsey Step by step hairline/scar repair video

In this 9 minute video, Wendy and I review exactly how we repair a low density hairline and a low wide scar in a health care professional who had a previous case done elsewhere. For many of you this is old knowledge, but some of the newbies may benefit from seeing what to avoid the first time...and how these issues can be repaired.

His video was in the pipeline for a the last short segment at his 5 week check showing his really nice early scarring was done after the video was there is no comment in that section but the patient does tell his experience.

Male | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair

VIDEO MEGA-transformation 3 stage flap repair by Dr. Lindsey explained in detail

In this video I'll go through how we repaired a man who had been devastated by a failed juri flap in the 80s....and who wore a hat for 30 years. I'll go though the sequence of his procedures and he talks in a short clip about the experience.

Some of you guys may recall this fellow's progress. What a great guy and what a challenging problem.

Male | Caucasion | in 3 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 2 cases on hairpiece wearer

Some of you may recall this guy's case. Wendy and I discuss the progress he's had with 2 cases, and he looks awesome. And yes..he has CVG and still grew!

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | in 3 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 5 years combo FUE/MFUE

Some of you may recall this guy. He's been with me for years. Hair greed struck again so we're doing another MFUE. The video shows where we started...BALD, and where we're currently at...good coverage. But as you will see, he's constantly wanting "just a little more".

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | 3500 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey 6 months out on female frontal VIDEO

Here's a brief update on a 60 year old lady with very fine hairs who had no frontal hairline. We did 1800 grafts on her last fall and she did well. The only real issue we had was that about a month out, when she started shedding...she used so much hair spray and concealer that she got either contact dermatitis of the scalp or an actual bout of cellulitis. We treated her with antibiotics and had her stop all the applicants and she turned around pretty quickly. I always worry about that altering growth but she seems on track now AND commented that she has enough hairs that she's no longer self concious about her hairline. Just wait another 6 months!

Female | Caucasion | 1800 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey Video 9 years out from frontal case

So this guy came by, now almost 9 years out. I put up some pics of him that he'd emailed in (2 year old pics) recently, and some astute viewers commented he had concealer. So he drove by DC on our recent holiday and sure enough, he wears concealer, but admits its mainly as he has fine hair everywhere and likes a short haircut....and needs to cover his white scalp WITHOUT growing longer hair. 

Take a look at the short video which includes where we started. Although he's aged 9 years, and is on meds..with his family, I'm not certain we won't see him in the future.

Lastly, listen that his wife didn't know about the HT until well after they were married.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey 14 months out from repair of FUE with MFUE

Some of you guys may recall this fellow. He is a muscular young man who had a frontal FUE by a very reputable FUE doctor but simply had lower density than he wanted. Now he has decent hair, but as I've discussed many times, FUE stresses the roots in an unpredictable way. AND he likes to have a very short I completely GET why he did FUE. But he wanted more density and strip was out, due to his hairstyle requirements. So we did an MFUE 14 months ago and he walked in yesterday. His hairline looks great, although like a lot of perfectionists...he's sure he'll want more hair down the road. I advised him to sit tight and quit looking in the mirror so much. He's local so hopefully we'll see him yearly for followup. He is not on any meds.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | FUE | Repair

Dr. Lindsey adding density to FUE with strip case

Here's ANOTHER lower yield FUE case, this time, performed by a VERY competent FUE doctor that we bolstered with a small strip case. The video goes into a bunch of issues, including FUE vs Strip, cleaning and smoking, Color contrast, expectation management, and a short video of me running a comb through the result at just under a year.

I've put up a bunch of these this month....don't get me wrong FUE has its place. Many of you may remember I did and FUE on my son....but the false advertising of scarless surgery with the same results as strip, that I see and hear almost every wrong. This guy had a fine FUE result...probably comparable to what I'd would have accomplished with fue on just wasn't enough. Now maybe the original doctor told him what I'd tell him...that he'd want a second case or it wouldn't maybe be enough, but the stress to the roots simply doesn't allow FUE to equal strip. And most doctors are not as blunt about stuff like this as I am...hence so many repairs of this issue in the past 2 years (with a bunch being by well known FUE doctors).

Bottom line...make sure you talk about the pros and cons of all surgical issues PREOP with your doctor and make the decision that is best for you.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair

Dr. Lindsey Video 13 months out from MFUE repair of low density FUE

This fellow is now 13 months out from us doing an MFUE to repair his low density FUE, which was done by a perfectly competent FUE doctor. I explain why I think he got low yield from his FUE (skinny roots don't like the FUE stress), discuss his MFUE scarring (which went from good to bad back to pretty good), and show that even in a packed hairline...guys with fine hairs and significant color contrast still have fine hair!

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | in 1 Session | FUE | Repair

Video Dr. Lindsey MFUE female temple/sideburn at 18 months

Some of you guys may recall her original video and here's an update. She's a mid 30s female who had very little hair on her right temple/sideburn region that had MFUE 18 months ago. Wendy ran into her last weekend and she stopped by yesterday looking great.

Female | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Hair Transplant Patient Education and Consults

View hair transplant video interviews featuring interviews with leading hair transplant surgeons by clicking on a title that interests you below.

Hair Transplantation - Free Advice to Hair Loss Patients Considering Surgery by Dr. Lindsey

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey provides free advice to hair loss sufferers considerating surgical hair transplantation.

Hair Restoration - Dr. Lindsey Discusses His Philosophy on Patient Care

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses his philosophy on performing state of the art hair transplant surgery and patient care.

Hair Restoration - Real Hair Transplant Patient Testimonies by Dr. Lindsey

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey shares real patient testimonials, stories and how their hair transplant results transformed their lives.

Hair Transplant - Dr. Lindsey Discusses His Approach to Working with a New Patient

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses his approach to working with a new hair transplant patient. Dr. Lindsey does all the consultations himself.

Hair Transplantation - How Dr. Lindsey Feels When He Sees His Patients' Results

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey shares how he feels when his hair transplant patients come back to show off their final hair replacement results.

Hair Restoration - Dr. Lindsey Discusses What Patients Can Expect from Hair Transplant Surgery

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses what hair loss patients can now realistically expect from today's state of the art hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplantation - What Dr. Lindsey Finds Most Gratifying about Hair Restoration

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses what he finds most satisfying about performing today's state of the art ultra refined hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant - Dr. Lindsey Discusses How Patients Can Avoid Common Mistakes

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses common mistakes and misconceptions that patients can make when it comes to hair transplant surgery.

Hair Restoration - Dr. Lindsey Discusses Important Factors in Hair Restoration

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses factors that are important to achieving excellent surgical hair restoration results.

Hair Transplantation - How Dr. Lindsey Became a Hair Transplant Surgeon

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses his medical background and why he became interested in performing today's state of the art ultra refined hair transplant surgery.

Hair Restoration - Services and Procedures Dr. Lindsey Provides His Hair Loss Patients

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses what services and procedures he offers to help hair loss sufferers, including those considering non-surgical treatments for baldness and surgical hair restoration.

Hair Transplant - How to Select a Quality Hair Transplant Surgeon by Dr. Lindsey

In this hair transplant video interview, hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey discusses what hair loss sufferers should look for when researching and selecting a quality hair restoration physician.

Articles Published on our Hair Loss Q&A website.

Why Smoking and Hair Transplants Don't Mix - Dr. William Lindsey


Smoking shrinks small blood vessels and decreases oxygen to tissues. Studies that I had to learn back in the 90s suggested that for facial plastic surgery, it's best to quit at least 10 days preop.

In-depth Analysis of Complex Hair Transplant Plug Repair by Dr. William Lindsey


In this video, we discuss the old hair transplant plug technique, why it gave the results it did and then take you through a repair case with 10 month followup showing good but not great improvement, because it takes longer in repair cases to get the results.

Complex Hair Transplant Scar Revision by Coalition Surgeon Dr. William Lindsey


Warning! The following video shared on our hair loss forum by Coalition hair restoration physician Dr. William Lindsey contains graphic surgical content:

How to Camouflage a New Frontal Hair Transplant with Bangs


In the following hair loss related video, Dr. William Lindsey of McLean, Virginia, an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, discusses how to effectively conceal a recent frontal hair transplant by wearing bangs.

Coalition Physician Dr. William Lindsey Discusses the Trouble with Multiple Hair Transplant Donor Scars


In the following hair loss related video, Dr. William Lindsey of McLean, Virginia, an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, discusses issues and complications that arise when hair transplant surgeons create more than one strip scar during subsequent procedures.

How Common Are Poor Quality Hair Transplant Results?


Three of our frontal cases a year have better hair growth density on one side or the other that I can see from close conversational distance.

Can Fraxel Laser Treatment Improve the Appearance of Hair Transplant Scars?


I have yet to see a surgical hair restoration scar that fraxel would be the first choice on as an improvement option.

What Factors Influence the Quality of a Hair Transplant Strip Scar?


The most important component to getting superior scars is minimal tension on the skin edges before putting in the skin sutures.

Will Attaching a Hair System with Adhesive Affect the Success of a Hair Transplant?


Absolutely. We had two guys wearing systems who promised not to use the adhesive in the area of our transplant.

Do Testosterone Supplements Increase the Risk of Hair Loss?


Here are my two cents. Remember this isn’t a medical consultation and I don’t practice endocrinology. This is just what I think.

Dr. William Lindsey Explains the Benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix in Hair Transplant Surgery


I wanted to summarize my thoughts on platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), as it relates to integration into my hair transplant practice.

Dr. William Lindsey Explains How Observing Nature Helps to Create Natural Hair Transplant Results


I frequently discuss hair transplantation as being similar to trees in a forest. I’m a tree hugging hair transplant surgeon. Here are some similarities between the human head and a forest:

Common Hair Transplant Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


There are only really three big errors to avoid in picking a hair transplant surgeon and careful research before you commit, all but assures you won’t experience at least two of these. One of these, scarring, can be a little unpredictable but you ought to be able to minimize your risk of terrible scars too.

Repairing Old Hair Transplant ‘Plugs’ with State-of-the-Art Follicular Unit Transplantation


This patient had a bunch of “plug” hair transplants 25 years ago or so and felt that he was too pluggy to go without a hat. Fortunately, that suited his line of work for years, but that changed and he had to take the hat off.

Is It Safe to Swim in the Ocean Or Pool Two Weeks after Hair Transplant Surgery?


I swim a couple of miles a week and I have used various masks/goggles and I think just about all would apply undo stress to the donor area, possibly causing a wound separation.

How Do I Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?


First off, slow down. Take your time doing all the research you need and visit several doctors before you rush into this.

How Do I Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?


First off, slow down. Take your time doing all the research you need and visit several doctors before you rush into this.

Dr. William Lindsey Explains “Shock Loss” and Why It Occurs After Hair Transplant Surgery


“Shock loss” is a term both dreaded and feared by many undergoing hair transplant surgery. Despite its notoriety, however, shock loss is a complicated subject and may be confusing for many hair transplant patients.

How Young Is Too Young for Hair Transplant Surgery? Dr. William Lindsey Discusses His Hair Restoration Philosophy


This is a good question. I personally don’t have a minimum age as long as a few issues are properly covered in planning.

Can Botox Reduce Hair Transplant Strip Scar Stretching?


A standard follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) scar would not involve any of the surrounding muscles.

How Does Head and Face Shape Influence Hair Transplant Design?


There are entire chapters in facial plastic texts written on the shape of the face and location of the hairline. In spite of all of the words one may find in those, two things are important and help me determine where a hairline “ought” to go.

How Long Should Patients Wait Between Hair Transplant Surgeries?


Full healing and stretching of the scalp to allow another excision and limited tension closure takes a while. Especially in follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or “strip extraction.”12 months is better than 6 and easy to remember, and since some people are slower healers than others, most doctors probably wait 12 months to be on the safe side. I

Do Female Hair Transplant Patients Achieve More Density with Fewer Grafts than Males?


I can’t speak for other hair restoration physicians but in the few females that I work with it’s not a big difference in density between men and women.

Do Hats Really Cause Hair Loss?


We’ve worked with two fighter pilots and one competitive motorcycle racer.

Recipient Site Scarring after Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant?


Recipient site scarring is really rare. I see lots of unhappy patients coming for second opinions and maybe 1 a year has scarring in the recipient area that I can see without magnifiers.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplants on African American Hair?


Absolutely. Ideal FUE patients are straight, thick-haired individuals and you can slide that FUE punch right down the shaft and get hair very easily. The curlier the hair the more it’s like trying to FUE out a corkscrew.

Old Injuries Help Predict Hair Transplant Donor Scar Outcomes?


Absolutely, there is no better predictor of how you will scar in the future than how you scarred last time. But, suture technique and location on the body play a big role.

How Do Hair Transplant Surgeons Rate Donor Scar Quality?


Scar grading can be a subjective as English essays. For my own scars I use the following criteria:

The Role of Trichophytic Closure in Hair Transplant Strip Surgery


I have posted lots of topics on hair transplant scar and closure techniques. Indeed, I’ve posted a couple of fairly frank threads on my personal results showing representatives of my own scars ranging from near perfect to poor.

How Does the NeoGraft Hair Transplant Machine Compare to Other Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Extraction Devices?


I have seen patients with good and bad follicular unit extraction (FUE) results from a variety of techniques. And again remember, FUE is hard and unpredictable, at least compared to the fairly predictable, but not guaranteed results of strip.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant after Strip Surgery: Can I Wear a Short Hairstyle?


Follicular unit hair transplantation via strip is much more consistent at providing good results and unless you are planning on really short hair, our office would strongly suggest strip.

My Hair is Thicker on Top Than in the Hair Transplant Donor Zone: Is This Normal?


I’d guess that in 40% of the follicular unit transplant (FUT) strip cases we do that the hair is noticeably thinner on one or both of the sides than in the middle or up higher on the head.

Moisturizing Dry Scalp Due to Hair Loss Drug Propecia (Finasteride)


I think a trial of Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo, available at most grocery stores in our area for about $9.00, is worthwhile. I find that it solves most dry problems. If it doesn’t help in a few weeks I’d see a dermatologist.

Accutane Affects Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Results?


Accutane can dramatically increase scarring. We would not offer surgery to anyone until being off of Accutane for at least 6 months.

Dedicated Hair Restoration Clinics vs. General Plastic Surgeons: Where to Get the Best Hair Transplant


1. Some of what you’ve said isn’t far off. There are people in the ISHRS who do work that would be ridiculed off of this and other forums where the consumers are educated just as there are people in the plastic surgery societies who do poor nose jobs and facelifts.

Hair Transplants: Fixing Misaligned Follicular Unit Grafts?


My general thoughts are, unless the hairs are really misaligned so that you can’t cover them with hairspray, mousse, etc., that we simply pack hair around the previously placed hairs in a second hair restoration surgery.

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?


I strongly doubt if Vitamin D is a problem for you and I’m not a huge fan of the vitamin scam. But, it won’t hurt to take an inexpensive daily vitamin containing vitamin D.

Hair Transplants: What is the Recommended Interval between Strip Surgeries?


I encourage people to wait 1 year between follicular unit hair transplants (FUT). Part of this is for healing to be complete but any quick review of most textbooks discussing wound healing will show a chart that says something to the effect that, by 6 months, most wounds are back to about 85% of their pre-injury strength.

Hair Transplant Donor Scar Widening Two Months after Surgery: What Can I do?


Check in with your hair restoration physician. It might be a deep stitch popped. It might be hypertrophy needing a shot of steroid, and it might just be a little more shock loss on one side than the other.

Is Graft Survival Lower with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplants?


Good question! It depends on how you count “lost”. When doing a FUE, you are placing a cylindrical punch around a cluster of hairs, incising the epidermis and dermis, and then lifting out the cluster gently, so that the fatty attachments to the bottom of the root bulb avulse without;

The Influence of Donor Hair Quality on Hair Transplant Results


First, you can indeed get a good idea of donor quality looking at the physical findings of how thick and coarse the donor hair is. The thicker and curlier the better. As I’ve posted a number of times, a wiry-haired Middle Eastern or Indian patient is really the ideal candidate and a thin straight-haired northern Chinese patient is possibly the worst.

Hair Transplant Surgery Consent Forms: Signing prior to Surgery Day?


I prefer to do the consent before the day of the surgery if possible. Hence, all overseas patients arrive a day before for planning and signing consents.

Coalition Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Lindsey Discusses Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


Because of its new and unique nature, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has become a popular topic on our hair loss discussion forums.

Photographing Hair Transplant Results: Are Some Hair Restoration Clinics Purposely Misleading?


First, the photographer should try to be consistent. Although I’m the first to admit that I’m not a great photographer, I am consistent.

Hair Transplant Surgery: What Separates Top Hair Restoration Surgeons from the Rest?


I suspect it’s a combination of a number of factors: Honest consultations and hair loss treatment plans–not fishing for every available dollar from every available consultation...

Did Hair Transplant Surgery Change the Position of My Ears?


First, being a facial plastic surgeon who has “tucked” about 74 sets of ears, I can tell you that anatomically it’s difficult to change the amount ears protrude from the head, even when that is the goal. It takes cartilage shaping suturing or cutting.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Effective for Treating Crown Hair Loss?


I think crowns are a black hole that can suck up all available hair and still only give you improvement: rarely perfection.

Do Multiple Follicular Unit Hair Transplants Require Multiple Strip Scars?


If the scar is in the “usual and correct location”, meaning not crisscrossing the entire back of the head (which I do see from time to time) then it’s all a mathematical equation of how much hair you need/want,

Is Hair Transplantation Difficult in African American Hair Loss Sufferers?


One of the most important aspects of a successful hair transplant procedure is understanding that each patient’s physiology is different and unique.

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplantation (FUE): Factors That May Affect Hair Growth


First, there is the extraction process; making the punch along the correct angle and not hitting the root bulb or slicing off part of the root bulb itself.

Minimizing a Hair Transplant Strip Scar with Follicular Unit Extraction


It all depends on your physiology, your scar and your hair thickness. If you have nice thick donor hair to put into a scar that is not too bad then yes, you can “cure” the problem. However, that is often not the case.

Hair Transplant Surgery Final Results: Does It Really Take a Full Year for Hair Growth?


Here is the timeline I tell people: Today you will leave with a crew cut of new hair wherever we place it. Seven days from now you’ll get your sutures out and, most likely, you won’t have cleaned enough.

Hair Transplant Donor Strips: What is the Optimal Width?


With rare exception my FUT strips are always about 1.75 cm wide or about the width of a stick of gum. The variable is the length which can be ear to ear or shorter if we need less hair. For me, that usually results in a pretty decent scar.

Choosing a Quality Hair Transplant Surgeon by Dr. William Lindsey


A patient who had seen me a few years ago, and who’d had a bad experience in the past with a hair transplant elsewhere, recently re-contacted me to let me know he was now thinking of moving forward with revision surgery.

Are Sutures Better than Staples for Closing a Hair Transplant Donor Incision?


I will use either sutures or staples to close a hair transplant donor incision. Both are the “same” if put in correctly. I just happen to be better at sewing than stapling. Plus, as I’ve already sutured a deep layer, I’m all warmed up for sewing.

Can I Use a Sauna or Steam Room Six Weeks after Hair Transplant Surgery?


We had an interesting case a couple of years ago. He was a repair case from a major chain operation and he’d had chronic scar problems. About a year after our repair case, we revised his first hair transplant scar and he started having the same problems.

Are Hair Transplants Appropriate For a 23 Year Old Male?


I have no problem with your age if you are an informed patient and you plan to avoid the 3 mistakes of hair transplant surgery.

Today’s Advancements in Hair Transplant Scar Revision by Coalition Member Dr. William Lindsey


I feel for you in your plight. Unfortunately there are no guarantees with any type of surgery, and in particular, the best predictor of poor scarring is … previous poor scarring.

Dr. Lindsey Discusses Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and Hair Transplant Surgery


Although this condition affects a variety of individuals, it’s often seen in patients seeking permanent reversal of perceived imperfections via cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Lindsey Discusses Using “Single” Follicular Unit Grafts in Hairlines During Hair Transplant Surgery


We try to pack the hairline with single grafts, back about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch and then we move to double follicular unit grafts (comprised of two haired units). Only much further into the midscalp do we use three hair grafts.

How Effective is FUE for Hair Transplant Scar Revision?


As I’ve posted a bunch of times before, I’m very comfortable excising scars and trying to improve them that way FIRST, and using follicular unit extraction (FUE) or even a separate FUT (strip) to get hair to plant as a refinement of a scar revision.

Is a Manual or an Automatic Punch Best for Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplantation?


Dr. Alan Feller, with whom I’m associated, taught me to do FUE’s several years ago. He taught me with his Feller Punches and his fancy machine…actually several prototypes and the real final product.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Manufacturer of the Hair Loss Drug Propecia


For some time now, patients, physicians, and hair restoration experts have discussed finasteride (Propecia) and whether or not permanent sexual side effects are possible.

What is the Best Type of Extraction Tool for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Procedure?


Personally, I use manual hand punches 90% of the time, as I’m not as consistent with the motorized punches except in really straight haired patients. For really curly roots I use a different style hand punch.

Why I Don’t Offer ECM/ACell Proteins with Hair Transplants at this Time – Dr. William Lindsey


I have written this in response to a few folks asking why I’m not on the extracellular matrix (ECM)/ACell bandwagon. I’m all in favor of improving our hair restoration results, but need to see the science actually done, rather than anecdotal reports.

Why Do Some Doctors Shave the Head for Hair Transplant Surgery?


I freely admit that I lose some patients to local competitors due to my shaving the recipient area. Four reasons we shave are: 1. Visibility and placement without getting tangled in nearby hair.

How Trichophytic Closure Benefits Hair Transplant Donor Scars


I have posted a few threads before on how trichophytic closures were developed by plastic surgeons for brow lift scars.

What Causes Hair Loss?


With rare exception, male pattern baldness is a combination of bad genes and bad luck. Hair loss is generally not caused by water, vitamin deficiency, diet, radio waves hitting the scalp, or cell phone use:

Is It Normal for a Hair Transplant to Grow Faster on One Side of a Hairline?


In my hair restoration clinic I’d guess that, of the 40% of patients that show up for a 6 month scar check, there is a significant difference in growth between the left and right sides in maybe 1 in 4 people.

Repairing an Old “Pluggy” Hair Transplant


Depending on how big your plugs are, taking them out via FUE, excising them, or even including them in your new hairline are all options to be discussed. I often favor the latter and just pack hair around the plugs. While not “virgin scalp”, this hair transplant technique has been very reliable for me.

What is the Average Width and Length of a Hair Transplant Donor Strip?


When performing follicular unit transplantation (FUT), our donor strips are almost always 1.6-1.7cm wide or about the width of a stick of gum. The length of the strips varies with density and the number of follicular unit grafts needed to meet the patient’s hair restoration goals.

Is It Normal for Hair Transplant Techs to Place the Follicular Unit Grafts?


Back in the days of minigraft hair transplantation, I probably placed about 75% of the grafts. When we switched to follicular unit grafting and increased the size of the cases, techs became more involved.

Is Follicular Unit Extraction an Option for African-American Patients?


In my opinion, it’s harder to perform follicular unit extraction on curly African hair than with straight-rooted (non-black) hair. However, I’ve now done 6 FUE cases on black patients and each hair transplant has been easier than the previous one.

Treating Hair Transplant Scar Stretching Before it Begins


Due to issues associated with the traditional follicular unit transplantation/FUT “strip scar,” many hair restoration patients seek advice on how to prevent hair transplant scars from stretching and treating the issue if stretching does occur.

Can the Hairline Lowering Procedure Be Performed on Males?


Yes, a forehead reduction procedure is cheaper and, if done correctly, gives a great result quickly. However, this procedure does come with the the added risk of potentially permanent numbness behind the incision.

Is Scarring an Issue When Revising an Older Hair Transplant?


No, not at all. We do a fair number of plug repairs in my hair restoration clinic and surrounding scar tissue is almost never an issue that requires making larger slits or causes concern that there is insufficient blood supply for hair growth.

Trichophytic Closure for Hair Transplant Surgery


Trichophytic incisions and closures were originally developed for forehead lifting, then adopted by many hair restoration surgeons. With forehead lifting, the standard coronal lift involves a cut about an inch and a half back in the hair. The forehead is lifted and a strip of hair-baring scalp is excised.

What Does Hair Transplant Donor Scar Stretching Look Like?


Hair transplant donor scar stretching looks like the scar in the photo below. This is often due to a combination of high skin tension after closure and genetic potential for producing poor scars.

Can I Start with Follicular Unit Extraction and then Have a Strip Hair Transplant Later?


I have written several times that I think that follicular unit extraction (FUE) is potentially over-recommended. For me, it’s perfect for someone who is not likely to go “real

How Long after Hair Transplant Surgery is the Donor Scar fully Healed?


One year is the usual, final end result for scars in my 16 years of practice. However, most scar problems will be evident at around 6-12 weeks and, on rare occasions, a scar can act up years later. This often occurs as the result of some incidental trauma in that area.

What Factors Affect Transection Rates during Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) involves “cutting blindly” as compared to follicular unit transplantation (FUT) where the strip is dissected under high-powered stereo-microscopes.

When is Follicular Unit Extraction the Best Hair Transplant Option?


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is perfect for folks who want a crew cut in their donor region, have a strong risk of poor scarring or a family history of poor scarring and need limited amounts of hair now and in the future.

Obtaining and Implanting Additional Grafts During a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Scar Revision Procedure?


In many cases, I completely understand the appeal of removing and implanting additional grafts during a scar revision procedure. The patient is already at the hair transplant clinic and a strip, whether still containing some viable follicular unit grafts or simply scar tissue, is being removed regardless, so why not add additional density?

Is it Possible to Calculate the Precise Number of Follicular Unit Grafts Needed to Fill an Area of Balding Scalp?


lthough many hair restoration patients desire an exact calculation of the number of follicular unit grafts necessary to fill their balding scalp, many hair transplant experts claim this simply isn’t feasible.

Why Do Hair Transplant Graft Estimates Sometimes Vary?


Well, it varies from patient need to patient need, and from physician to physician. For example, a young African-American man came to my office today for a consultation. He’d been to 3 other hair transplant surgeons and had a list of questions.

Are Vitamins and Supplements Effective for Treating Hair Loss?


There are lots of anecdotal reports of supplements, shampoos and lasers out there that claim to do wonders for hair loss and most anything else.

What if I Disagree with My Hair Transplant Physician?


You should absolutely bring up a discrepancy in planning to your hair restoration doctor pre-op! To not discuss this may result in you being less satisfied, feeling swindled (even if no swindling occurred) and possibly with the wrong treatment plan to deal with your hair loss.

Taking Vitamin K before a Hair Transplant


Given the small slit sizes we use now during follicular unit transplantation(FUT), I find Vitamin K of no use and it may increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis (leg blood clots) in patients who are sitting still for hours on end.

Sebaceous Cysts after a Hair Transplant


Cysts can occur spontaneously in lots of people not only those treating hair loss surgically. I take 2 or 3 a week off of patients that a nearby dermatologist sends over. Some families are just very prone to cysts.

Shaving the Recipient Area for a Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant


We shave ALL big hair transplant cases but for a small follicular unit extraction(FUE) it would depend. It’s important to leave some hair to help figure out angles, etc. In smaller FUE cases like it sounds as if you want, we would most likely cut the hair in that area to about 3/8 of an inch.

Can Grafts From a Hair Transplant Scar Repair be Saved?


It really depends on how big and thick the hair transplant scar is. If the scar is like beef jerky, then its pretty tough to get any hair out without transecting it or having essentially an antiquated 1 haired minigraft.

What is the Average Width of a Hair Transplant Donor Strip?


In our clinic, our hair transplant donor strips are generally about the same width as a stick of gum or about 1.8cm. We vary the length with the amount of follicular unit grafts required.

When is a Hair Transplant Scar in Most Danger of Stretching?


Donor scar width is generally proportional to skin edge tension. Therefore, whatever can be done to reduce this helps keep the scars from stretching. At our office, we favor long, skinny strips so that there isn’t a lot of scalp to pull together.

What Factors Affect the Duration of a Hair Transplant Procedure?


In general, we can transplant 3500 grafts starting promptly at 8am and finishing by 5pm. Occasionally, a cutter is sick or out for some reason and things may take an extra 45 minutes or so but, with sufficient manpower, even larger cases shouldn’t take forever.

What is the Best Technique for Closing the Hair Transplant Donor Site?


For me, a two-layer trichophytic closure is important in getting the best hair transplant surgery scars we can. My scars are often, although not always, pretty nice after maturing.

Using FUE to Conceal the Scar from a Strip Hair Transplant Procedure


It all depends on the FUT scar. An excellent strip scar may be undetectable, but they are rare. A very good strip scar can be camouflaged with just a small buzz of overlying hair and, if needed, a follicular unit extraction procedure may help but probably not.

Why Are Hair Transplant Doctors No Longer Performing Scalp Reductions?


First, scars can be a real problem and can potentially disfigure someone, even in the best of hands. Additionally, tissue expansion really let us remove a lot of bald scalp, but very few men want to walk around with a balloon expander in for a month, when they can have a modern transplant.

Proscar vs. Propecia for Treating Hair Loss


Proscar and Propecia are the same drug (finasteride) except for the dose, 5mg and 1mg respectively. 1mg of finasteride will treat hair loss like the 5mg Proscar pill will, with potentially less of those pesky side effects.

The Importance of Selecting Well-Trained Hair Transplant Technicians


The issue of hair transplant technicians placing grafts is certainly an important one. Last year I posted pictures on this network of how we train our techs: first on pickles, then on fruit. Ask your hair transplant surgeon how experienced the graft placers are when you are there for a consultation. Better yet, as we try to do, have your potential doctor show you a case in progress and spend a few minutes watching how the techs place...

Why Does Hair Loss Start at Different Times for Different People?


In men, except in unusual circumstances, hair loss is all genes and luck, or lack thereof. I recall from some source or another, that male hair loss affects 10% of the population per decade. Thus, 40% of guys in their 40’s have significant hair loss. My “eyeballing” of people walking around the mall or at a recent football game suggests that is probably reasonably accurate. So then the issue is what do you do about it. My consultations always offer 4 choices...

Eliminating Shiny Scalp due to Baldness


First off, some people are oilier than others and are therefore have shinier scalps. I am one of them. It looks bad in pictures, and worse when I am the only shiny guy at an event. But that is life and I think (based on dealing with a lot of aging faces) that oily skin ages a bit better than dry skin...

Donor “Shock Loss” After Hair Transplant Surgery – Is it Common?


Shock loss in the donor area definitely can occur after surgical hair restoration. We don’t see it too often mainly because of hair covering the scar. But I have a marine we worked with about 2 months ago who, like all marines, didn’t take his valium as he is tough. This guy was a character! When I started giving him a hard time about 90% of my military patients not taking valium and then I gave him the first shot, he said “thank you sir may I have another!”. Indeed he was tough...

Eliminating Hair Transplant Scars?


Be cautious of folks who have “invented” some new technique that will revolutionize hair transplant scars. There are literally thousands of general and facial plastic surgeons who daily want to avoid significant scarring at almost any cost. Do you really think if someone invented something a year and a half ago that solved all scar problems that it wouldn’t make headlines and we’d all be doing it?

Can Doctors Predict Future Hair Loss?


I have had a number of balding patients who recently have either seen other local hair restoration doctors for consultations, or who have had a hair transplant procedure in the past and now have lost more hair. A common theme has been that they were told by other consultants that they weren’t going to experience more hair loss.

Combining Hair Transplant Surgery with a Hair System


This type of approach is reasonable for select hair loss patients. First, I have worked with several guys who were able to have a hair restoration procedure, slightly modify the way they wore or styled their hair system, and “pull off” the surgery without their friends/customers knowing. Then in a few months they can modify the system again to show the hair transplant result, and consider moving forward with a second procedure much later.

Is Female Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery Worth It?


I am a facial plastic surgeon, fellowship trained, previously on faculty at 2 teaching universities, and I have done many eyelid, eyebrow, forehead, and face procedures along with hair which has become my focus. And do you know how many eyebrow transplant cases that I have seen? One. And that was a result of trauma. Now if you have an area disfigured by trauma, then a face doctor like me would be important to get the area prepared for the best outcome from a transplant, and since I can do follicular unit extraction (FUE), I probably can do the entire procedure well. But, for your average female that over-plucked for decades, you need an excellent FUE doctor, who will be honest enough to explain to her that scalp hair and eyebrow hair are very different...

Hair Transplant without Hair Loss Medication?


22 is pretty young. I would consider hair loss drugs and make sure you gave them time to work before you give up (1 year or more). 23 is still young for a hair transplant but at least you will have tried the alternative to surgery and maybe it will buy you a lot more time than just a year. Plus you can establish some relationship with a doctor and see if you and he are on the same wavelength. I had a 20 year old come in this my clinic this morning and I spent about 40 minutes mainly educating him on all of the stuff bloggers on this site already know. I told him to...

Hair Transplant: Staples Verses Sutures to Close the Donor Area


I see this question a lot on the hair loss forum and have put my 2 cents in a few times. To summarize, I don’t think there is any difference between sutures and staples if placed with the same amount of skill. I place staples about 25% of the time and it really depends on how the skin comes together for me. The hair restoration patient who is shown in this hair transplant photo album was listening to my assistant and me discussing this very topic. In the last 8 years...

Guaranteed “No Scar” Hair Transplant Procedure?


I wish you could get someone to teach me how to guarantee no scars in hair replacement surgery! I was recently deposed on another doctor’s malpractice case, and several experts and me stated that every transection of the skin leaves a scar. Now, hair loss doctors can attempt to make it a very fine scar or minimally noticeable, but there will be a scar.

Pain Management During Hair Transplant Surgery


We did a hair transplant last week on a man who initially complained of terrible pain. I was surprised as his reaction to even the initial numbing of the donor area, then he added that he needs to get put to sleep for dental cleaning. We often give our patients a valium before the procedure and even a pain pill as needed, and this almost always eliminates discomfort. But this guy had to drive 4 hours after the hair restoration procedure and that wasn’t an option.

Why Smoking Should be Avoided Before and After Hair Replacement Surgery


I have posted several threads on this hair loss forum on the effect of smoking on wound healing and agree with the sentiment of those of you who feel that if you are spending a bunch of money on hair replacement surgery and smoking might compromise your result, don’t smoke for 10 days before and after your procedure. Several studies, and malpractice insurance carriers, have documented the preoperative effect of smoking on wound repair.

Hair Loss? The Importance of Protecting Your Balding Scalp from the Sun


This week I was reviewing my hair transplant procedure records and came across an interesting finding. We have had 9 hair loss patients who presented for consultation who on examination, were found to have skin cancer on their scalp who were treated and subsequently had hair replacement surgery at our office. I would guess that I have had twice that number who were referred out for the skin cancer treatment and didn’t proceed with hair surgery.

Suture Removal After Hair Transplant Surgery


In our hair replacement clinic, we usually remove all of the sutures by day ten. However, we occasionally use coetaneous (skin) sutures which will dissolve in two weeks or so. More commonly, patients think that there are sutures still in place and its actually just dry skin/scabs along the suture line that needs more vigorous cleaning. Finally, with our...

Female Hair Loss and Realistic Hair Replacement Expectations


just finished seeing a delightful 62 year old woman who has hairloss. She has some other medical issues that may be contributing to her problem and may be correctable, but she and I had a nice discussion about my philosphy on female hair loss and hair replacement surgery. We discussed that my hair restoration practice is 98% male patients and that in general, if I take a man and frame his face with a nice tightly packed hair transplant procedure, or correct a vertex bald patch, I can usually make him extremely happy. Even men with a lot of thinning hair, can often achieve superb results by framing the face with what is left in the donor hair region.

When to Stop Drinking and Smoking Prior to and After Hair Transplant Surgery


A lot of literature discusses the increased risk of infection and skin slough (loss) in smokers undergoing hair replacement surgery. Although this is much more risky in facial surgery (in which I require patients to stop smoking for 10 days prior to (more important than after actually))surgery); wound infection is more likely in any surgery in smokers. I advise all hair transplant patients of...


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