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Glenn Charles, D.O.

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Charles' entire practice is devoted to performing total microscopic follicular unit hair transplants.

200 Glades Road Suite 2, Boca Raton, Florida
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Dr. Bernard Nusbaum

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum performs highly artistic ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation with very natural looking results.

The Offices at Merrick Park, 4425 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Suite 230, Coral Gables, Florida
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Paul T. Rose, M.D.

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Paul Rose - World renown for his excellent ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation.

The Offices at Merrick Park, 4425 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Suite 230 , Coral Gables, Florida

Hair transplantation in Florida

Florida is known as the sunshine state known for its magnificent beaches and beautiful residents. Thus, it’s no surprise that hair loss can have a devastating effect on many men and women in Florida. Let’s face it - having a thick and luscious mane is part of the Florida lifestyle, from Daytona Beach to South Beach. As palm trees sway high above the coastal streets, the warm sea breeze lifts and volumizes the hair of many Floridians; except those with hair loss. So is there any solution to hair loss in Florida? The great news is YES. In fact, we happen to know and recommend some of the best hair restoration doctors in Florida.

There are a few things that Florida is known for around the world. This includes beaches, art deco architecture, diets, and cosmetic surgery. Everyone in Florida is trying to look their best. Unfortunately, Florida is littered with unscrupulous hair transplant clinics that focus on generating revenue more than they focus on giving their patients the best results possible. This is why selecting a qualified surgeon is crucial. The physician must have a proven track record of producing consistent results. Furthermore, the hair surgeon should belong to an organization with high surgical standards that continuously check their work for consistency like the Hair Transplant Network.

A long time ago, the hair transplant industry was like the wild wild west. There was no regulation and no standards and this led to thousands of patients becoming permanently disfigured at the hands of unscrupulous hair restoration surgeons. At the turn of the century, legit hair loss forums started to gain exposure and popularity. This led to a revolution in the hair transplant industry. Now patients all around the world are able to share their stories and communicate with each other to keep other unsuspecting and naive patients from suffering the same fate. However, the "dark side" of the industry still exists, even if it's smaller than it was years ago.

Here are three things to look out for, to ensure you don’t fall victim to an unethical surgeon/clinic.

#1 Money back guarantees

Money can be replaced, but donor hair (from the back and sides of the scalp) can’t. The donor supply of an individual is a finite resource. Therefore, it should be treated with the utmost care and precision. Truth be told, even though choosing a hair transplant clinic in Florida with a long track record of producing excellent results can place the odds in one's favor; success can never be guaranteed. There are too many variables to consider for any hair doctor to guarantee the success of a hair implantation procedure. Money back guarantee does not guarantee the success of the procedure.

In fact, even if a hair transplant is considered successful by modern standards, a patient may still be dissatisfied for various reasons. For one, patients must be fully informed about the limitations associated with hair transplant surgery. Secondly, the hair loss of a patient must be stabilized prior to performing any procedure. If these two issues are not addressed beforehand, even the best results can be considered a failure. There is no amount of money in the world that can bring back your donor supply.

#2 Act Now For A Discount

Many clinics are still relying on old infomercial marketing tactics from the ’80s and ’90s. Some clinics are even pressuring patients to have surgery on the same day as their consultation for a substantial discount. Under no circumstance should any patient ever walk in for a consultation and end up in the surgical chair on the same day. Many clinics who do this have one goal and one goal only - to take your hard-earned money. In fact, patients are typically nothing more than a number to these clinics. It’s crucial to find a clinic who is patient-focused, as opposed to revenue focused.

#3 Hair Transplants Stop Hair Loss

We have all seen the commercials of a guy with an unbelievably thick head of hair getting out of a pool greeted by beautiful women. These images captivate our attention and make us feel like a hair transplant is an answer to all of our follicular worries. However, that simply isn't true. Hair transplants do not prevent, slow or stop the progression of hereditary hair loss. They do not guarantee happiness nor success in life. Although, many commercial chain clinics would like us to believe that getting in their chair would solve all of our worries. Fame, beautiful partners, money and success - none of these things can be guaranteed through surgery.

In fact, every patient must be fully informed about the possibility of their hair transplant results not turning out as expected. The happiest patients are the ones who understand the hair restoration process and have been fully informed of the limitations associated with surgery. Many unethical hair restoration clinics will promise their patients the sun, the moon and the stars to get their money. Research is key before undergoing any surgical hair restoration procedure in Florida and beyond.

Surgeon Accreditation is Key!

Getting approved for recommendation by the Hair Transplant Network is an honor reserved for only the best hair transplant surgeons. Doctors who are recommended go through a thorough screening which includes providing many examples of their results and numerous examples of satisfied patients over a prolonged period of time. Moreover, hair transplant surgeons in Florida and beyond who pass the initial private screening are publicly assess sed and have to be approved by the entire community. This consists of many former patients, forum members, other recommended hair restoration surgeons, and hair loss professionals.

The truth is, the community includes some of the industry’s toughest critics. If the community agrees with the initial determination, the surgeon is then approved for recommendation. This transparent process is key to promoting an environment of accountability.

So Who Are The Top Hair Restoration Surgeons in Florida?

The great news is that there isn’t just one excellent surgeon in Florida, but 4 who have been approved for recommendation by our community.

Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, Florida has over 20 years of experience in exclusively performing Follicular Unit Transplantation (hair transplant surgery). Dr. Charles performs both Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) regularly.

The second doctor is Dr. Bernard Nusbaum of Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Nusbaum has over 30 years under his belt performing hair transplant procedures. In fact, Dr. Nusbaum has performed over 10,000 hair transplant procedures. Dr. Nusbaum performs both Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) on a regular basis and focuses his practice solely on surgical hair restoration.

The third doctor is Dr. Paul Rose of Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Rose has been performing hair restoration surgery exclusively since the early 1990s. Dr. Rose has well over 20 years of experience in performing high-quality hair transplantation. Dr. Rose specializes in both strip surgery and FUE. Aside from being an excellent hair transplant physician, Dr. Rose is also a board certified Dermatologist.