Find the Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Florida based on Patient and Physician reviews.

There are hundreds of physicians in Florida who offer hair restoration surgery. But only a few have the experience and staff to perform large hair transplant sessions with verified excellent results. The hair transplant physicians we recommend below are prescreened and chosen by our popular patient based Hair Restoration Network Community.

These hair transplant surgeons in Florida are dedicated to hair restoration full time and have been carefully reviewed by dozens if not hundreds of actual patients and top physician colleagues before being chosen to be recommended for Florida.

Learn how the below recommended hair restoration physicians were chosen.

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Glenn Charles, D.O.

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Charles' entire practice is devoted to performing total microscopic follicular unit hair transplants.

200 Glades Road Suite 2, Boca Raton, Florida
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Dr. Bernard Nusbaum

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum performs highly artistic ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation with very natural looking results.

3850 Bird Road, Suite 102, Coral Gables, Florida
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Paul T. Rose, M.D.

(Elite Coalition Member)

Dr. Paul Rose - World renown for his excellent ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation.

The Offices at Merrick Park, 4425 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Suite 230 , Coral Gables, Florida

Looking for a Hair Transplant in Florida? Read below!

Looking your best is simply part of the Florida (FL) lifestyle. From breast implants to surgical hair restoration, it seems like everybody in Florida is undergoing cosmetic surgery. Simply put, hair transplant surgery has become the number one most popular cosmetic procedure for men in Florida. Below, we explain why our pre-screened hair transplant physicians are amongst the very best and should be considered for your next hair restoration procedure.

Selecting a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon in Florida is vital to ensure you receive the very best results in that state. Thankfully, the Hair Transplant Network has done much of the work for you by pre-screening and recommending hair restoration physicians in Florida based on demanding criteria. Each hair restoration surgeon recommended by this community has provided a demonstrated ability to produce outstanding results consistently and can be regularly seen by posts on our hair restoration forum by the clinic and their patients.

Why Choosing the Best Hair Surgeon in Florida is Important?

We’ve all heard the expression “not everything that glitters is gold”.

Well, the same holds true for hair transplant surgeons in Florida. There are plenty of hair restoration surgeons in Florida, but do they all perform quality surgery with consistent results? Sadly, the answer is no. The truth is, only a select few are consistently performing hair surgery with ultra-refined results that are undetectable. The rest simply pay more money for advertisements and marketing to make up for their lack of quality results.

So how do the majority of people research the best hair transplant doctors in Florida? Most simply search for surgeons in their area online. The problem with this method of researching surgeons is that a lot of clinics that perform low-quality procedures simply pay the Search Engines for ad space. Thus, their clinics will be the first to show up on the search results page. While a surgeon may be in close proximity to your work, home or school, that does not mean that they are producing the best results.

Florida has become the premier destination for many seeking cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, not all of the surgeons in Florida are performing quality hair restoration surgery. We have all heard or seen horror stories online about individuals becoming disfigured and “botched” from a bad cosmetic procedure. Hair transplant surgery is no different.

The first thing that a person notices aside from a person’s face is their hair. Whether we want to accept it or not, looks matter to the general public. Sadly, a bad hair transplant procedure is going to be the first thing someone notices. This is why it is absolutely crucial to select only the best hair transplant physicians

Luckily, Florida is home to some of the best hair transplant surgeons the industry has to offer. So how do you find the best hair restoration physicians in Florida? In the next section,we have outlined 3 key factors that every patient should look for when selecting a hair restoration surgeon in Florida.

How To Select a Top Hair Transplant Surgeon in Florida?

Florida has many hair transplant surgeons claiming to be the best. But how do you know if the surgeon is actually producing the very best results? So many prospective patients fall for the flashy advertisements and marketing gimmicks that some commercial chain clinics put out. The advertisements look promising and enticing but the hair clinics never deliver.

Choosing a top hair transplant physician in Florida is essential for receiving excellent results that stand the test of time and will last a lifetime. Selecting a quality hair transplant physician is an important lifelong decision. When done right a hair transplant is undetectable even under close scrutiny by hair stylists and barbers.

Below are some key factors to look at when selecting a hair restoration surgeon in Florida:

#1 Patient-Focused Hair Transplant Clinics

Let’s face it - Florida is an ultra-competitive market specifically for surgical hair restoration. It is important to select a hair transplant doctor that is patient focused as opposed to revenue focused.

Patient-focused hair transplant physician perform 1-2 hair transplant procedures a day. This is to ensure that they are providing their patients with the best possible care to ensure their patients receive the best results. Some commercial chain clinics will hire several technicians and doctors with little to no experience in performing surgical hair restoration. These clinics focus on speed, revenue, and volume instead of focusing on the individual patient.

Moreover, these chain clinics typically rely on marketing and advertisement as opposed to consistent patient results.

#2 Dedicated Hair Transplant Specialists

The hair loss doctor in Florida you select should have his/her practice dedicated to surgical hair restoration and hair loss. Consistent results require a surgeon with a full staff that performs hair transplant procedures on a regular basis. If the doctor performs a myriad of other cosmetic procedures, they may not be putting in the time and effort necessary for producing ultra-refined results. The hair restoration physician should dedicate their entire practice to hair transplant surgery or at the very least; it should be the primary part of their practice.

#3 The Hair Restoration Network

Hair loss forums have become a staple for many and women experiencing hair loss and prospective hair transplant patients. Since the early 2000s, The Hair Restoration Network forum has become the best way for patients to interact with one another and share their experiences and before and after photos. The thousands of reviews that exist on the forum are invaluable to researching hair restoration doctor because they’re non-biased and not cherry-picked from any surgeon or clinic. A doctor with a strong online reputation has gained that reputation on their own merit rather than through advertising and marketing.

There are several factors that must be considered before undergoing hair transplant surgery but the most important factor is choosing the best possible hair surgeon. In order to receive undetectable results that will last a lifetime a patient must select a surgeon/clinic capable of providing outstanding results. Thankfully, The Hair Transplant Network has done all of the heavy liftings by pre-screening and approving only the best hair transplant surgeons in Florida. However, you are still encouraged to research all surgeons you are considering.

How the Hair Transplant Network Helps You Find the Best Hair Restoration Surgeon

The Hair Transplant Network has compiled the above list of Florida’s best hair transplant surgeons. The surgeons that are approved and recommended have gone through a stringent vetting process and meet the high standards that very few surgeons meet. Ultimately, hair restoration physicians approved for recommendation must be privately screened andmeet the high demand of the public hair restoration community. Former patients, forum members and other recommended hair restoration doctors already approved by our community are invited to weigh in.

All of our surgeons must meet our high demands and must receive approval from the entire community before becoming approved for recommendation.

Contacting a Recommended Hair Restoration Surgeon

Connecting with the best surgeons in the world has never been so easy. Individuals can send hair surgeons their photos through our site as a virtual consultation.

Additionally, we have included a “graft calculator” that will provide an estimation on how many grafts are required for the restoration. After submitting the virtual consultation the surgeons will respond directly within 24-48 hours.