Other Hair Surgery Procedures

The most common method of surgically restoring hair involves removing bald resistant donor hairs from the back and sides of the head and transplanting them to the bald areas. Such hair transplant procedures are relatively minor surgeries that are done on an out patient basis and require only local anesthesia.

Scalp or Alopecia reductions are efficient ways of moving hair into the balding areas but they are more invasive surgical procedures. They can produce dramatic improvements for a carefully selected minority of hair loss sufferers. However, the risks involved with these major scalp surgeries in inexperienced hands are higher than the standard hair transplant procedure.

Given the excellent results that can now be achieved using much less invasive hair transplantation, many physicians who did perform scalp surgeries no longer do so.

Scalp Flaps, Reductions, Lifts, Rotations, and Extensions

Hairline Lowering Procedures for Women with High Foreheads