Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. Ricardo Mejia

DJ Mo Foster Discusses His Hair Transplant with Dr. Mejia

Celebrity DJ Mo Foster from Kool 105.5 Radio talks about his hair transplant results done by Hair Transplant surgeon in Jupiter Florida, Dr. Ricardo Mejia.

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Do Hair Transplants Actually Work?

Television Reporter investigates whether or not transplanted follicles actually grow when implanted in bald or thinning areas of the scalp. Dr. Ricardo Mejia speaks about hair restoration in this video.

Meet Dr. Mejia and His Dedicated Hair Restoration Staff

In this hair transplant vido, Dr. Ricardo Mejia gives you an inside look at his office including laser treatments, skin care and Dr. Mejia's hair restoration philosophy for his patients. Dr. Mejia's hair transplant clinic is staffed by a full time Physician Assistant and Aesthetician to provide quality service for all of your skin care needs. Additionaly, Dr. Mejia is a world renowned Mohs skin cancer surgeon and hair transplant surgeon. You can find many testimonials and before and after pictures of satisfied hair transplant patients on his Hair Transplant Network recommendation profile.

Dr. Mejia on Global Medical News Network

Choosing the right technique for the right patient and setting realistic expectations are essential for optimal hair restoration, explains Dr. Ricardo Mejia. on Global Medical News Network (GMNN)

Hairdresser Calls Dr. Mejia's Work True Masterpiece

Dr. Mejia's hair transplant patient Carlos Miller video tapes his first hair cut post hair transplant op. The hairdresser calls Dr. Mejia's work a true masterpiece and a work of art. Watch this video to view this patients results and what Carlos' hairdresser has to say.

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Women Hair Transplant Testimonial

A woman describes her feelings after hair transplantation surgery with Dr. Ricardo Mejia of Jupiter Florida.

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Dr. Mejia on Today's Hair Transplants

In this hair transplant video, Dr. Ricardo Mejia discusses modern state of the art hair transplantation and how natural today's results can be.

Dr. Ricardo Mejia performs hair transplant surgery on Carlos Miller

Hair transplant patient Carlos Miller has been documenting the progress of his hair transplant procedure with Dr. Ricardo Mejia on this hair loss blog. Watch this video to view Carlos' hair transplant procedure.

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