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Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. Pradeep Sethi

7892 grafts for advanced baldness by Dr Sethi &Dr Bansal, DHT(Advanced FUE), BHT

A 45 year old hotelier with advanced grade of baldness approached us for a look change hair restoration along with his hotelier friend. Both of them had the expectations of complete coverage of the bald scalp. The index patient had a big size scalp to be covered. Our experience revealed that he needs close to 10,000 odd grafts for a complete job. We @eugenixhairsciences started with covering the front, mid and the anterior part of the crown area. Close to 7890 grafts were planted (from both scalp and beard) over 3 consecutive days. He was informed that the crown would be done later. We had to ensure that the scalp donor does not look over harvested and un-cosmetic. Also we had to be sure about the final outcome of the beard area. Fortunately, being a hotelier he never wanted to have a beard! Moreover he wanted to cover the bald scalp with hair, which was a long standing wish. The hair started growing by 2-3 months and by 10 months he felt like a new man with hair and renewed confidence and grew mustache as a sign of royal confidence! He has become a very dear friend and wants to share his story with all.


Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 7 | 7892 Grafts in 1 Session | Transplant