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Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. Raghu Reddy


FUE hair transplant 9 Months After Surgery

In this hair transplant video, Dr. Raghu Reddy of London shares a photo presentation of one of his FUE hair transplant patients from before surgery to 9 months post-op. View his impressive hair restoration results in this video presentation.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 6 | in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Reddy Discusses the Causes of Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Surgery

In this video, Dr. Raghu Reddy discusses the causes of hair loss and how he achieves natural looking results with advanced follicular unit extraction FUE hair transplant surgery. Because Dr. Reddy is both a surgeon and a patient and has a lot of empathy for others suffering from hair loss.