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Hair Transplant Videos by Dr. Carlos Wesley


Designing a Hairline with FUT: Carlos K. Wesley, M.D.

In this hair transplant video, Dr. Carlos Wesley presents a 32-year-old gentleman who treated his progressive hair thinning with hair restoration surgery at his clinic. The session focused 2565 follicular units throughout the frontal third of his scalp. The patient returned 16 months later for follow-up images. Watch this video to view this patient's impressive results and transformation.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 2565 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

What Can Surgical Hair Restoration Achieve for Hair Loss Patients?

In this hair restoration video, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley summarizes the basic steps involved in the process of hair transplantation. From the principle of "donor dominance" to the timeline of new hair growth, this pictorial overview will assist many patients in their understanding of the process.

Hair Restoration Procedure - 2200 Grafts - Dr. Wesley

Hair transplant patients are not required to shave their heads for a traditional strip harvest approach to hair restoration surgery. Instead, they are encouraged to wear their hair at a minimum of 3/4" in length. However, Dr. Wesley is able to achieve an effective camouflage of sutures in the donor area in patients with even shorter hair length. This patient received a total of 2200 follicular unit grafts via the follicular unit hair transplantation method via strip harvesting. Watch this video to view the camouflaged donor area only 2 weeks after surgery.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5A | 2200 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant Repair Case - 2683 Grafts with Dr. Wesley

In this hair transplant video, a 55-year-old gentleman who had previously undergone hair restoration surgery with a different surgeon about 8 years prior. He came to the office of Dr. Carlos Wesley in order to increase the hair density in the frontal third of his scalp in order to better frame his face. These videos capture the growth at both 8 months and 16 months after his session with Dr. Wesley.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 2683 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair

Hair Transplant Repair of Old "Hair Plugs" by Dr. Wesley

In this video, Dr. Carlos Wesley presents one of his hair transplant patients after undergoing a repair procedure. Tthis hair transplant repair patient had previously undergone three hair restoration procedures by other clinics in the NYC area. They resulted in an unsightly donor scar and an unnatural "pluggy" appearance of his hairline. Even an attempted repair by another practice in the NYC area did not effectively improve the patient's appearance. Results from his repair session with Dr. Wesley can be viewed in this video segment.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | 1251 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Repair