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Hair Transplant Videos

1500 FUE / FIT Hair Transplant by Dr Mwamba

In this hair restoration video, Dr. Mwamba presents a 1500 FUE / FIT hair transplant case. Watch this video to view this patient's impressive hair restoration transofrmation, even with a smaller session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5A | 1500 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Patient Results for Dr.Resul Yaman- 4050 grafts

7th month result;

-28 years old patient 
-0,056 mm hair tickness
-0,8 mm punch
-4050 grafts
-805 single grafts
-2230 double grafts
-1015 multiple grafts

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 4050 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Panine - Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic - FUE 2,264 grafts 8 Months Post-Op

This 30 year old gentleman had a hair loss pattern similar to a class 3 on the Hamilton Norwood hair loss scale. He previously had a small FUE procedure (650 FUE’s) back in 2009 with another doctor. He came to me with the hope of rebuilding his hairline and adding density to the frontal 1/3. After establishing his medical history and understanding the progression of his hair loss, I diagnosed his condition as Androgenetic Alopecia (male pattern baldness), ruling out any other possible dermatological or medical conditions which can cause hair loss.

He elected to go with a FUE procedure. He did understand that when doing FUE’s we will not be able to do as many grafts as with a strip procedure. I also explained that if he wanted more density after this procures we could do another session a year down the road. The patient’s goal was well suited to his needs and therefore I planned the surgery accordingly. I discussed the hairline with the patient and conveyed to him that we would need to reconstruct a hairline that would be suitable for him now, but also something that will look good as he gets older.

A total of 2,264 FUEs were used. The break down was as follows: 1,171 single hair grafts, 1,056 two hair grafts and 37 three hair grafts I used significantly amount of single hair follicular units which allowed me to create a very natural hairline. This action will allow him to comb his hair without anyone detecting that he has had anything done. These are his results 8 months post op after his first procedure and there will continue to be more improvement over the next few months. The patient is extremely happy with his results. This patient as also created his own web page at Hair Restoration Site for JC.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 2264 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Anesthesia before FUE Hair Trasplant surgery

In this short hair transplant video clip, Dr. Maras prepares the donor area and applies local anesthesia prior to extracting follicular units from the donor area.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 2149 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- 1686 FUE grafts for hairline and temple points

Patient: 25 years old

Hair loss pattern: Type-3

HT technique used: FUE

Number of scalp grafts planted: 1686

Areas covered: Hairline and temple points

The "after" pictures are from 4 years post-op. This Patient is now 29 years old.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1686 Grafts FUE | Transplant

FUE hair restoration and Body hair transplant for severe baldness - Dr Umar

In this hair transplant video, Dr Umar restores a slick bald norwood class 7 person to a natural thinning state with no linear scarring also known as strip scar. He does this with 8000 head and beard hair combined in one hair transplant surgery session. The patient is thrilled not to have to deal with a slick bald severe Norwood 7 state and is enjoying the life changing transformation brought about by Dr. Umar using the Umar Procedure. This procedure was performed via advanced Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE and body hair transplants - BHT

Male | Caucasion | Class: 7 | 8000 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey FUE into female burn scar with video at 1 year McLean VA

This nice lady was burned as a child. She had a 1.5 x 1.5 inch atrophic hairless hypopigmented burn scar on her forehead.

Shown are preop, intraop, 1 week, 3, 7 and 12 month pictures. Its likely she'll thicken even more over the next several months given that her hair had to grow within fairly avascular scar tissue.

Female | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Restoration Dr. Bisanga

In this hair restoration video, Dr. Bisanga showcases one of his patients who received 1600 grafts via the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure. Watch this video to view this patient's impressive transformation and results 1 year after surgery.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1600 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Scalp FUE and Beard to Scalp FUE

This patient had previously undergone hair transplantation at a different clinic and came to Dr. Carlos Wesley to refine his hairline and camouflage his donor scar. A combination of scalp FUE (follicular unit extraction) and beard FUE produced over 1200 grafts. The more comfortable experience and refined look appealed to this patient.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4 | 1200 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Repair

Norwood 7 Baldness transformed using UGraft Body Hair Transplant by Dr. U

This patient suffered from severe Norwood 7 stage baldness, even after undergoing numerous surgeries. He also had a noticeable surgery scar on the back of his head. Luckily, Dr. Us UGraft body hair restoration system gave this man a more natural head of hair and a camouflaged strip scar. Watch video for better illustration of his results

5651 grafts of beard hair
1341 grafts of chest hair
696 grafts of abdomen hair
335 grafts of armpit hair

By utilizing other sources of hair, Dr. U was able provide successful results from a patient with very little hair on his head as a donor source.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 7 | 8647 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Warren Furman, Gladiator ACE speaks after his FUE hair transplant with Dr. Reddy

Warren Furman (Gladiator ACE) undergoes an FUE hair transplant by Dr. Raghu Reddy an speaks about the transplant immediately after the procedure.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 4A | in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

FUE 2818 Fu's Dr Lupanzula MeDiKemos

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5 | 2818 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant