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Hair Transplant Videos

VIDEO Modified FUE repair case in female who had MRSA infection postop Dr. Lindsey

This nice young lady had minimal hair in her frontal third. We did a case on her last May. 2 days later...she was febrile and had an obvious first and only hair infection in a non-smoker in 20 years. 

She admitted that 2 days before her case, she got covered with respiratory secretions from a patient with MRSA (resistant bacteria) during her job as a respiratory therapist. 2 weeks of antibiotics and infectious disease consultations and she was ok, but 2 areas of her scalp had skin loss which slowly healed in. Interestingly, in our Hair Forum magazine that comes out every other month or so, 2 similar cases in hospital workers were reported as I helped her recover. I wish she'd have fessed up to this preop and we'd have simply rescheduled after appropriate intervention.

She did end up growing reasonably well except in the areas where she had skin necrosis. Yesterday we repaired her with a small MFUE. She had a strip case by me last year and healed fine, despite MRSA infection in the recipient area, but just doesn't want another strip for a small case. She saw her ID doctor preop and we did a triple skin prep. I do not think we'll have trouble this year with infection.

Shown is a video of her case yesterday. She was in this morning and looks fine. Her sutures come out next Thursday and I'll update her progress. The tissue we planted into was not "virgin scalp" but ought to grow well, particularly with the beefy MFUE roots you'll see in the video.

Female | Caucasion | in 1 Session | FUE | Repair

Jerry Cooley MD - 1500 FUE - PRP w/ACell

This patient came to see Dr. Cooley regarding his hair loss and to learn about his options. He is in his mid-thirties and had already stabilized his hair loss with long term finasteride use. The patient wanted to move forward cautiously as he'd already performed lots of research and wanted to consider how PRP with ACell might improve the vertex/crown region before attempting surgical intervention. So he and Dr. Cooley agreed that a procedure for the front would be the way to move forward and allow PRP with ACell to have a chance at improving the back.


1500 grafts were removed via FUE by Dr. Cooley. After the grafts were examined and refined using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes Dr. Cooley and Brandi placed the grafts into the frontal third of the patient's scalp, making sure that only single hair grafts went into the very front of the hairline and all multi-hair grafts were placed immediately behind.

 The result shown is at one year post.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1500 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplant With FUE By Dr. Umar

Bernardo de Paula is the actor who plays Beto in the Showtime series, Shameless. He was concerned about his hair loss, particularly in the hairline area and crown. Aside from the fact that appearances are highly linked to career opportunities and success in the entertainment industry, Bernardo felt that his progressive baldness was affecting his confidence as well.

Because hair transplantation has come a long way in the development of tools and techniques that enable doctors to produce very realistic results, more celebrities are turning to surgery to address issues with male pattern hair loss. And indeed, we are also seeing an emerging trend of high profile individuals speaking quite openly about their procedures. This not only includes Mr. de Paulo whose video is included here, but also other celebrities like Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt (actor) and Marc Jacobs.

Calum Best, an actor, model and reality show star, underwent FUE. And he also feels there is no reason to be so secretive about hair surgery, as most onlookers respond quite positively to quality results.

Crown and Hairline Restoration With Follicular Unit Extraction

Bernardo de Paulo was experiencing hairline recession and emptiness in the crown. Dr. Umar performed an FUE hair transplant to harvest head donor grafts and insert them into these areas. Finer nape hair was used to create a softer and more natural looking hairline edge.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2200 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Diep 3,458 Hair Grafts Transplant Surgery Result On Black African American Woman Balding Frontal & Edges

This Black African American woman had 3,458 hair grafts transplanted into the frontal, lowering the hairline and filling into both side edges by Dr. Diep during 1 year follow up. 

3,458 Hair grafts break down:
1 hair grafts: 623 hair roots
2 hair grafts: 1,462 hair roots
3 hair grafts: 976 hair roots
4 hair grafts: 397 hair roots

total hair grafts: 3,458 hair roots?

Female | Non-Caucasion | 3458 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Follicular Unit ExtractionHair Transplant 1109 Grafts

This 25 year old hair transplant patient had an 1109 follicular unit graft procedure via the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. These grafts were transplanted in both corners in a single session.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1109 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant - 1787 Grafts Dense Packing

In this hair transplant video, Dr. Patrick Mwamba presents one of his patients who had 1787 grafts densely packed using the follicular unit extraction (FUE), also called the follicular isolation technique (FIT) procedure. Watch this video to view this patient's impressive results.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1787 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Rahal- 2205 FUE -12 Months Post-Op

This 43 year-old Investment Broker came to Dr. Rahal after extensively researching the forums to find a surgeon who would produce the specific results he was looking for. Before his hair restoration, this patient would avoid bad-weather days, as he was afraid to deal with what the elements usually did to his thinning hair. He was a Norwood III, and didn't want to deal with the self-esteem issues that went with his hair loss any more. In August 2012, the patient flew to Ottawa to have his procedure in Dr. Rahal's clinic. He received 2205 grafts via FUE. The photos taken and posted here are one year after his procedure. The patient had 450 single grafts, 1081 double grafts, and 674 triple grafts, for a total of 4634 hairs. The patient no longer hides his head under hats, and spends less time worrying about his hair and more time enjoying his hobbies of exercise and golf! He recently stated in an interview that he thinks he went to "one of, if not the very best surgeon in the field". To this day, his hairdresser has no idea that he has had a transplant because of the natural result!!!

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2205 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Hair transplant for a Caucasian male at Darling Buds hair Transplant Clinic India The characterisics of Caucasian hair that help in the proecdure and technique of hair transplant are its straight direction, compactness of the follicular grouping in a tight bundle and lack of severe adhesions under the skin. It is a pleasure harvesting Caucasian hair since it is so easy to extract since just pops out and with adequate care the grafts can be harvested without significant traction. Also the crusts that occur after the procedure in the recipient site of plantation fall off much earlier than in other racial groups- a mere 7-10 days as compared to 2-3 weeks in others. Due to the compactness of follicular units a smaller size Harris punch can be used- o.1 mm lesser in diameter (o.75 mm).

Male | Caucasion | Class: 3 | 2889 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- FUE on a NW7 Patient

Today I would like to present the latest result from Dr Bhatti and his Team at Darling Buds Hair Restoration Center, India. This patient considers his appearance to be very important due to the profession he is in. He is a well known Director of various television and movie productions in India's thriving Arts and Entertainment industry. The challenge his case presented was that he was a full NW7 with only a light and low density remnant of hair across the top of his scalp. He did not want the limitations brought on by strip surgery and wanted to only consider FUE and for that he turned to Dr. Bhatti, based on his research.

I present to you a series of before and after photos for your review along with a final video that he graciously provided during one of the awards ceremonies that he has recently attended. He has also returned for addition work to address the crown.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 7 | 2306 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr Lupanzula - Medikemos 3164 grafts FUE

FUE: 3164 FU's 

29 years old man


Goals : Frontal hair line + 1/3 frontal area -

Treatment before and after the surgery : - Minoxidil 5% 1x/ week - Finasteride 1mg 1x/week

Total FU's : 3164 Numbers of follicular units placed : I hair : 481 II hairs : 986 III hairs : 1327 IV hairs : 353 V hairs : 17

H/G : 2,5

Male | Caucasion | Class: 5A | 3164 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Diep FUE 2,748 Hair Grafts Transplanted on Norwood 3 Frontal Area

FUE hair transplant restoration surgery result on client with Norwood 3 in the frontal area by Dr. Diep during 1 year follow up period. This client had 2,748 hair grafts.

2,748 hair grafts breakdown:

Single hair roots: 481 hair grafts

Two hair roots: 1,461 hair grafts

Three hair roots: 546 hair grafts

Four hair roots: 260 hair grafts

total roots is 2,748 hair grafts

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2748 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Dr. Lindsey 14 months out from repair of FUE with MFUE

Some of you guys may recall this fellow. He is a muscular young man who had a frontal FUE by a very reputable FUE doctor but simply had lower density than he wanted. Now he has decent hair, but as I've discussed many times, FUE stresses the roots in an unpredictable way. AND he likes to have a very short I completely GET why he did FUE. But he wanted more density and strip was out, due to his hairstyle requirements. So we did an MFUE 14 months ago and he walked in yesterday. His hairline looks great, although like a lot of perfectionists...he's sure he'll want more hair down the road. I advised him to sit tight and quit looking in the mirror so much. He's local so hopefully we'll see him yearly for followup. He is not on any meds.

Male | Caucasion | Class: 2 | FUE | Repair