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Hair Transplant Surgeon: Alan Feller, D.O

Hair transplant surgery before and after result photographs

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 4250
Baldness Class: 3A
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

One of our hair restoration patients from three years ago contacted us this week to give us an update on his results. He had 4,250 grafts transplanted by Dr. Feller 3 years ago in one procedure and was nice enough to forward some photos himself which I'm posting here along with his before pictures.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you.

Medical Technician
Feller Medical, PC
Hair Transplants New York / New Jersey, Long Island and International

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Before and after hair restoration procedure results
Hair restoration surgery using 4250 grafts shown from the front, viewing before and after pictures.

Top view before and after hair transplantation pictures by Alan Feller, D.O
Hair transplant surgery using 4250 grafts viewed from the top, displaying before and after photos.

Hair transplantation procedure images before and after  by Alan Feller, D.O
Hair transplant procedure with 4250 grafts displayed from the right, viewing before and after images