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Hair Transplant Surgeon: Michael Beehner, M.D.

Hair transplant surgery photos with a female patient

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 1730
Female Hair Restoration
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This 25 year old female hair restoration patient 11 months ago had a single hair transplant session of 1730 FU grafts placed in the front half of her scalp. Her FU's distributed into 20% 1-hair grafts, 60% 2-hair grafts, and 20% 3-hair grafts (high for a female) and totalled 3633 hairs. Because she parted from the left side, a small oval area was designated for extra-dense packing compared to the rest of the area transplanted. The photos will be displayed with all of the "before's" shown first and then followed by all of the "after's." The first 4 photos in the top row are "before's. In the after photos, some flecks of seborrheic dandruff will be noted, which can be secondary to cosmetic products being used, and occasionally can be stirred up a little during the months after a transplant if the patient previously had seborrheic dermatitis, which wasn't the case here.
Mike Beehner, M.D.

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Hair transplant results photos of a female patient
Hair restoration surgery using 1730 grafts showing before and after front and tilt down views of a female patient who received 1730 grafts.

Female hair restoration surgery results by Michael Beehner, M.D.
Hair transplant surgery utilizing 1730 grafts showing preoperative and eleven months postoperative results viewed from the top.