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Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. William Lindsey

Hair Transplant surgery - Scar Revision - Before and after images

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Baldness Class: NA
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This patient came to Dr. Lindsey seeking a FUT (strip or "FUSS") scar repair. According to Dr. Lindsey he's a "poor" scar-er and didn't have great donor supply either. 

A full strip extraction of the scar and closure would likely still result in another poor strip scar. He also had poor donor characteristics, so extracting traditional FUE grafts and implanting them into thickened scar tissue seemed risky as well. 

Because of this, Dr. Lindsey decided to repair the scar using mFUE. He extracted mFUE grafts, had the grafts dissected microscopically, closed the mFUE sites with sutures, and implanted grafts into the previous scar. 

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Hair transplantation surgery - Scar Revision
Hair transplant session to revise a FUT scar with a mFue transplant procedure.