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Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Raymond Konior

Female hair transplantation procedure before and after photos

Hair Transplant Sessions: 2
Grafts Implanted: 2049
Female Hair Restoration
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This female patient presented at the age of 61 with a long history of progressive thinning throughout her hairline and the top of the scalp. She was diagnosed with thyroid deficiency years earlier and was taking thyroid replacement medication for maintenance. She complained of difficulty finding a suitable hair style which would hide her hair loss because the thinning had progressed to such a significant extent. Cosmetic concealers, which once helped camouflage the thinning, were no longer effective because of the loss.

The patient underwent a restoration consisting of 2049 grafts. The restoration was staged into two small sessions separated by one year to help minimize the risk of shock loss in what was determined to be a high risk recipient site. Graft allotments were evenly divided for each session. Graft placement was strategically designed to maximize the aesthetic outcome by focusing distribution into the visually vulnerable central part and hairline regions. Presented are one year postoperative photos which demonstrate the density enhancement along the central part line.
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Hair restoration procedure before and after results by Dr. Raymond Konior
Female hair transplant surgery using 2049 grafts viewed from the top, displaying before and postoperative photos.