Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Bessam Farjo

Hair restoration surgery before and after result photographs

Hair Transplant Sessions: 3
Grafts Implanted: 3300
Total Hairs Transplanted: 3300
Baldness Class: 3
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

This patient came to us well over a decade ago in a very sorry state. He had undergone plug surgery at a young age, continued to thin and was feeling lost and very vulnerable.

His first step was to look at meds to try to halt any further deterioration. Then we removed and redistributed the offending hair and rebuilt the frontal aspect. Over the years he has had 3 smallish procedures in total with approximately 3,300 follicular units being used, with the most recent being just under three years ago.

He has allowed us to use some of his pictures to show the transformation and thankfully these days we see very few of these cases

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Front view - Before and after
3300 grafts shown from the front, viewing before and after pictures.

Top view - Before and after hair restoration results by Dr. Bessam Farjo
using 3300 grafts viewed from the top, displaying before and after photos.

Before and after hair transplantation result photographs by Dr. Bessam Farjo
with 3300 grafts displayed from the left, viewing preoperative and postoperative photographs.