Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Rafael De Freitas

33 year old male - 3003 Grafts / 6479 Hairs - FUE

Hair Transplant Sessions: 1
Grafts Implanted: 3003
Baldness Class: 3A
Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip)

Patient’s details

Sex: Male

Age: 33 years old

Level of alopecia: Norwood III - Diffuse.

Hair characteristics: Blond, straight and medium thickness hair.

Surgical plan: Hair line, entrances and central area have been restored in two days of intervention.

OBS: The patient's desire is to prioritize the frontal line and entrances in a conservative and natural way with generalized density increase.

Grafts breakdown:

1 Grafts - 473 = 473 Hairs.

2 Grafts - 1628 = 3256 Hairs.

3 Grafts - 858 = 2574 Hairs.

4 Grafts - 44 = 176 Hairs.

Folículos 3003 - Hairs 6479.

Total: 3003 Grafts - 6479 Hairs.

Average: 2,15 Hairs/Graft.

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Front - before and after
Front view, before and after FUE hair transplant surgery

Top view of patient by Dr. Rafael De Freitas
Top of patient, before and after FUE surgery

Left view by Dr. Rafael De Freitas
Left side of patient

Right view of patient by Dr. Rafael De Freitas
Right view, showing before and after hair transplant surgery

Back of patient by Dr. Rafael De Freitas
Back of patient, showing donor area, immediately after FUE procedure.