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Hair Transplant Videos

12,000 uGrafts Reverses Severe Baldness in Norwood 7 Patient

Those with severe baldness are often given two standard recommendations: (1) shaving their entire head (2) wearing a hair piece This patient, however, did not want either option. Instead, he wanted to have real hair growth on his head. Dr. Umar was able to harvest grafts from the patient's beard areas and combined this with head hair. The patient was able to achieve significant coverage during his first procedure which used 8,000 uGrafts. He returned for a second session a year later for greater density. 4,000 additional grafts were applied. Here is a video which features his personal feedback along with reactions that he received from other people.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 7 | 12000 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Diep Hair Transplant Surgery 5,202 Grafts on Norwood 6 Advance Hair Loss

Hair transplant surgery result on advance hair loss Norwood 6 during one year follow up by Dr. Diep. 

Hair Grafts Breakdown of 5,202 hair grafts:

  1. One hair roots= 861 grafts
  2. Two hair roots= 2,789 grafts
  3. Three hair roots= 1,123 grafts
  4. Four hair roots= 429 grafts
  5. Total hair grafts= 5,202 graft   

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 6 | 5202 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- 2965 FUE (scalp) grafts for a Norwood VI Patient


Ethnicity: Indian origin, living in the UK

Age: 40 years

Norwood type: VI

HT technique used: FUE

Number of grafts planted: 2965

Donor grafts harvested from: Scalp (No BHT was used)

The "after" pictures: 12 months post-op

Patient has come for crown coverage now, which has been done using 1500 scalp only grafts.

 Numerous cases done at Darling Buds Clinic in extensive androgenetic alopecia, belies the misconception that FUE in isolation is not for Grades V-VII

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 6 | 2965 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Jerry Cooley MD - African American Female-2249 Grafts and PRP with ACell @ 1 Year

This African American female presented with diffused hair loss throughout the top of her scalp and with very receded temples. Dr. Cooley and the team at Haircenter in Charlotte, North Carolina carried out an FUT procedure of 2249 grafts for the hairline reconstruction and placement throughout the central portion of the top of her scalp.

 The recipient zone and donor incision were treated with PRP with ACell to improve overall healing. PRP with ACell was also applied to the temple regions for an outstanding response as seen in the video.

Female | Non-Caucasion | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Madhu Hair Transplant Patient Testimonial

In this hair transplant video, one of Dr. Madhu's patients shares his results and testimonial on video. Watch this video to view this hair restoration patient's impressive transformation.

Male | Non-Caucasion | 3300 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery 4730 Grafts in 2 Sessions

This 31 year old hair transplant patient had 2 procedures for a total of 4730 follicular unit grafts to his frontal area.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 4730 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- 2560 FUE grafts for a Female Patient

HT technique used: FUE
Number of scalp grafts: 2560

This 30 year Asian lady had a high forehead and she chose to get her hair transplant done at Dr. Bhatti's Darling Buds India Clinic, to lower her hairline. 

The "after" pictures are from 12 months post-op. 

Asian hair transplants especially those for ladies are a challenge due to paucity of available scalp donor.

p.s Please note that the rashes seen on the Patient's face in the year later pictures were due to a pollen allergy that she was having at that time.

Female | Non-Caucasion | 2560 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- 2657 FUE grafts

Patient: 28 years old

Hair loss pattern: Type 4

HT technique used: FUE

Number of scalp grafts planted: 2657

Areas targeted: Hairline, temple points, crown

The first set of "after" pictures are from 6 months post-op and the second set of "after" pictures are from 3 years post-op.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 4 | 2657 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Dr. Bhatti- 1236 FUE grafts for a Norwood 2 Patient

Patient: 28 years old

Baldness pattern: Type 2

HT technique used: FUE

Number of scalp grafts planted: 1236

The "after" pictures (taken under a harsh light), are from 8 months post-op


Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 2 | 1236 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Hair Restoration Surgery 4/5 Hair Loss Pattern Before and After Results Dr. Diep

Hair Restoration Surgery 4/5 Hair Loss Pattern Before and After Results at on bald hair loss man at 408-356-8600 by Dr. Diep with photos, of middle eastern man, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic & Black, most advance hair treatment, treating male pattern baldness, bald head hair loss, 

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 5 | 5349 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Mustache transplant - 329 Grafts with Dr. Charles

This 36 year old hair transplant patient had 329 Follicular Unit Grafts removed from the back of his head and transplanted to the left side of his mustache and lateral goatee areas.

Male | Non-Caucasion | 329 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip |

Dr. Umar helps patient who visits novice clinic that over harvested

Without the right guidance, many hair transplant patients can fail to realize that a clinic may be ill-equipped to give the best type of treatment until it’s too late. Many times, hair transplant clinics often do not have the updated technology or foresight to map out the patient’s treatment.

The video above shows the results of how unequipped clinics have left a patient with visible scarring and continued baldness, as well as how Dr. Sanusi Umar was able to help him correct the damages using Advanced FUE by the UGraft method.

The unfortunate mistakes made by the clinic could have been avoided using a more advanced FUE method. With the use of body hair as a donor source, Dr U has shown success in repairing these hair transplant mistakes.
• Poor planning, which lead to a poor yield
• Overharvesting from only the patient’s head hair source
• The results of overharvesting left the patient with surgery scars and unnatural looking hair

Dr. Umar’s Advanced FUE using the UGraft system has shown promise in avoiding overharvesting non permanent hair which would lead to poor yield by using the “FUE Shave Test - FST” (which he first described in a recent publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal). Prior to surgery, the FUE Shave Test is used to fully determine the type of head hair donors that can successfully used. FST is a more dynamic way to determine the so called "safe donor area - SDA". It recognizes the fact that the true SDA varies from one balding patient to the other. 

Over a ten-year span, Dr. Umar has consistently been improving the techniques and procedures using the UGraft FUE system to ensure that overharvesting is no longer a trend.

After only five months the patient saw fuller coverage with Dr. Umar’s UGraft FUE system, as illustrated in the following photographs.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 5 | 5000 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant