Accelerated Healing After a Hair Transplant


Okay, so I just took my first "real" shower six days after my hair transplant surgery and I gently massaged the recipient area, used the conditioner, and I have no more scabs whatsoever. I've got all the little transplanted hairs sticking straight up, and very minimal crusting. The underlying scalp is a little pink and there is nothing that looks like dried blood.

What is the possible reason that I might be healing a little faster than expected? Or is this normal? I just keep reading about everyone crusting for weeks and weeks, but for me, on day six, my hair transplant looks pretty clean.

Anyway, here are the possibilities I have come up with:

  1. I'm super-intelligent, and my head receives an unusually large amount of blood flow to run my unusually powerful brain. A side-effect of this is that my scalp is able to heal quickly.
  2. I'm super-stupid, and since my brain requires little blood-flow, the majority of the blood that goes to my head can be used to heal the scalp.
  3. I'm a tri-athlete in a hot climate, meaning that my skin is going to be pretty well vascularized, for cooling and whatnot, so maybe I'm getting the benefits of that here.
  4. Graftcyte speeds up this healing process, and I've used it pretty religiously.


I also believe (and it was formerly confirmed by Dr. Feller in another post) that being physically fit and living an overall healthy lifestyle can contribute to accelerated healing of hair restoration surgery. Graftcyte may also be helping.

Now don't let your super intellectual brain, superior athleticism, and soon to be new head of hair, coerce you to look down on the rest of us average folks :-).