Am I a Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery if My Hair is Short?

2/12/2011 5:09:30 AM


If my hair is very short in the donor area, am I still a candidate for a hair transplant?


Yes, if you are cutting your hair very short, you are still a candidate for hair transplant surgery. In fact, many hair restoration physicians prefer to shave the entire head prior to surgery. This makes the procedure much easier for the physician.

If your doctor does not require shaving and you prefer to be able to conceal the staples or sutures immediately after the hair transplant then you should grow your hair to between ½” and 1” before surgery.

If for some reason, your hair is not able to grow longer than ½” then follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is likely to leave a visible scar. You may want to investigate follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) instead. FUE avoids the linear scar associated with FUT and may allow you to wear your hair very short with no visible scarring.

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