Are Diffuse Thinning Pattern Hair Loss Sufferers Hair Transplant Candidates?


I am suffering from hair loss and recently visited with a trichologist who told me that I wasn't a good candidate for a hair transplant because I am a "diffuse thinner". What can I do?


There is a difference between male pattern baldness with a diffuse thinning hair loss pattern and one who suffers from diffuse alopecia.  Hair loss sufferers with the former typically still have a thicker unaffected donor area (hair in the sides and back of their scalp) while the latter experience thinning hair all over the scalp, which makes men and women with diffuse alopecia a poor candidate for hair transplant surgery.  Many diffuse pattern hair loss pattern sufferers with androgenic alopecia have had successful hair transplants in the right hands.  The key question is, how is your donor area?