Are FUE Hair Transplant Megasessions Successful?


I lost a lot of hair and on the Norwood scale of hair loss I'm classified as a level 5A. I would prefer the FUE hair transplant procedure because I'd like to keep my hair short without scarring. I also heard the procedure is less painful. What do you think about FUE megasessions? Do you know any good surgeons who practice this with high degrees of success? I would like to get an FUE megasession to cover the front and re-create my hairline. Is FUE or FUT better in my case?


In my opinion, follicular unit extraction (FUE) has a place in hair transplant surgery however, I feel that FUE megasessions have been overhyped online by a few clinics. Most of today’s well respected and leading hair transplant surgeons will tell you that the FUE procedure in general is less consistent than follicular unit transplantation (FUT) known as strip surgery. This is because FUE comes with greater risk of transection during extraction or placement due to the extra forces placed on the follicles. Additionally, most leading hair restoration surgeons will tell you that only a select group of patients are actual candidates for FUE. Whereas follicles can be extracted from any patient, even with the best tools - certain patient characteristics might impact their viability and thus, hair growth yield.

Don't be deceived into believing that FUE is a scar free procedure. Scarring in both procedures (FUT and FUE) at best are minimal, but the scarring patterns are simply different. Visible scarring with FUE largely depends on the size of the punch used, donor hair attributes, and patient healing characteristics.

This isn’t to say that larger FUE sessions aren’t possible or plausible in the right patients and in experienced surgical hands. However, some clinics that overhype the benefits of FUE too often downplay the limitations and risks that have to be overcome to maximize high growth yield.

It remains my opinion that balding men with high degrees of hair loss should consider follicular unit hair transplantation (strip surgery) to maximize hair growth yield. Strip surgery has its own set of risks and patients should educate themselves on the risks of any procedure they are considering.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor