Are Hair Transplants Perfect?

5/10/2021 8:20:05 PM

If you're researching hair transplants, you've no doubt wondered about the success rate of surgical hair restoration. Taking it one step further, maybe the thought has crossed your mind whether a hair transplant could get you that perfect head of hair that could be in a shampoo commercial. 

The Illusion of Density 

You may have come across the phrase 'illusion of density.' Perhaps you have no idea what that even means. Allow me to explain.   The illusion of density is the foundation of hair transplantation. Hair loss isn't visible until you have lost approximately 50% of your natural density. This is important because to restore your hair loss-you do not need to restore your hair loss hair for hair. You can transplant around 50% and have the appearance of fullness. You could even transplant 35% of your original density and still look full in most situations. 

Do Not Chase Perfection Through Surgery

Chasing perfection through surgery is a dangerous proposition. For one, there are no guarantees that you will get good growth, favorable scarring, or that you'll even be happy with the results. Two, it's impossible physically to restore all of your hair loss without compromising your donor. The appearance and integrity of your donor are as crucial as the appearance of your recipient zone. The last thing you want to do is change one thinning area for another. Until cloning becomes a reality, you should not expect perfection out of your hair transplant procedure. Modern-day hair transplants can achieve great density, and most importantly, look natural and undetectable. Your main objective should be to have a natural appearance that is undetectable with hair that grows indistinguishable from your native hair when having a hair transplant. 


Hair transplants are not perfect, but they don't have to be perfect. A good hair transplant should improve the appearance of density and fullness. You will have to make some compromises, as it will never look perfect in all situations. For example, most hair transplants will reveal the scalp when wet or under harsh direct lighting. You may need multiple procedures to achieve your desired density. If you want to know how much a hair transplant would cost you, or to get more detailed information from the world's best hair transplant surgeons, click HERE


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