Are Patients Really Satisfied with their Hair Transplant Results?


I'm seriously considering a hair transplant. But I want to know if people are really happy with the results? The reason I'm asking is because people who have had bad hair transplants definitely don't recommend it while patients who have had positive results rave about it. I'm rambling a little but what I'm trying to get at is that it seems even the successful cases still have to go back for more transplants in the future. Do you feel hair restoration procedures are something you're locked into for life or is it all worth it?


I'm very happy with my hair transplant results. Do keep in mind however; it took multiple procedures, time, and money to accomplish my goals. Developing realistic expectations is also crucial before having a hair transplant since only so much baldness can be covered with adequate density. This is due to a limited supply of donor hair. Future hair loss can also impact the overall hair restoration result and must be factored into a long term hair restoration plan. Donor hair therefore, should always be used conservatively and wisely, keeping enough in reserve for subsequent procedures as needed.

Ultimately, many patients will require multiple hair replacement procedures to meet their short and long term hair restoration goals, assuming they're realistic. What can be accomplished with a hair transplant depends on:

1) The skill and experience of the hair restoration physician and technicians 2) The amount of hair that can be harvested and transplanted in a single and multiple procedures (donor characteristics - hair density and laxity) 3) A patient's hair characteristics 4) A patient's area of baldness (present and future

In my opinion, begin looking through photos of hair transplant patients with similar degrees of baldness and hair characteristics and consult with a few doctors that impress you the most after researching them. You can view photos by degrees of hair loss (Norwood Scale), by visiting our Hair Transplant Photos website.