Are Pimples on the Scalp 2 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery Normal?


How long does seasonal hair loss or shedding last?


Pimples on the scalp 2 months after hair transplant surgery are typical and usually a sign of activity underneath the scalp leading to hair growth to come.

These pimples will go away in time even without treatment. However, applying a warm damp cloth on them a few times a day typically softens the skin and lessens the lifespan of each pimple.

If you find that pimples are getting out of control, you want to report this to your doctor as you may have a case of folliculitis. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles typically caused by bacteria or fungus. Though folliculitis typically goes away on its own, sometimes treatment is required. Your physician can prescribe you something if necessary.