Avoiding Caffeine before a Hair Transplant


I heard drinking tea affects the blood in some way and it may cause hair not to grow if you drink it before a hair transplant. I drank two small cups of tea before my hair transplant and I think this maybe the reason why I'm not seeing any growth. Do think this could be the reason? Answer:

The reason patients are asked to avoid caffeine prior to hair transplant surgery is that caffeine raises blood pressure and encourages bleeding. The added bleeding can slow the procedure and may affect the growth of the newly transplanted follicular unit grafts. Typically, tea has less caffeine than coffee but even drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning prior to your hair transplant surgery, while not advisable, is not likely to significantly affect hair growth. Having said that, I urge all patients to carefully follow the pre-operative instructions of their hair transplant surgeon. I also encourage you to discuss your concerns with your hair restoration physician.

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator