Bad Scalp Infection with Synthetic Hair Transplant


My problem is that i had an artificial fiber hair transplant more than three years ago and what happened is that these fibers had fallen out and created sever infections, scalp damage, and scarring. I am so upset about my look and I really want a natural hair transplant. I am worried though that I can't have one because when I went to my doctor, he said that my scalp infection had become severe and I need to have an operation to clean my scalp from the infection. He was not sure if I could have a hair transplant or not. What do you recommend?


In doing some research on artificial or synthetic hair transplantation previously, I always had a bad feeling about them as the risk of scalp infection was great. The attractive part of synthetic hair transplantation is that there is no limit in donor hair like there is when using your own hair, however, these foreign metal or fibrous tubes inserted into your scalp can cause severe scalp problems not to mention the fact that the inserted hair will never grow, eventually break, and need to be replaced. I'm sorry that things did not work out for you.

The first step would be to have the artificial hair transplant removed from your scalp if you haven't already.  The next priority should be clearing up your scalp infection as much as possible which hopefully will clear up with time and treatment.  What kind of surgery did your doctor recommend? I would then consult with an elite hair transplant surgeon to see what he/she can do for your particular situation.