Benefits of Forehead Reduction Surgery for Females with Naturally High Hairlines

1/6/2010 1:22:52 PM


My question is regarding forehead reduction surgery. I've seen a few people questioning it, but the response is usually quite negative. I believe it's a good thing, and I wish more people would take the same approach with FUE or Strip hair transplants. Although, I feel a lot of the negativity stems from lack of knowledge on the subject. Regarding Forehead Reduction, here's my logic: If you have a high & receded forehead you could have a hair transplant. Let's say you wanted to lower your hairline 2cm with a 15 cm hairline, you would theoretically need 3000 graphs to attain 100/cm2. Or you could get a forehead reduction procedure, and small number of grafts to conceal the scar. I'm pretty sure forehead reduction would be less expensive and you would be saving your grafts for future hair loss, the result would be immediate. Now the arguments I hear against male forehead reduction is that when you lose more hair the scar will become visible. But if you have a hair transplant in conjunction with the forehead reduction, you could place hairs in and in front of the scar thus concealing the scar. You would still have to worry about future hair loss, but that's the case with either option. At least with the forehead reduction, you haven't depleted your donor. What do you think?


In my opinion, forehead reduction surgery is a viable solution for many women with naturally large foreheads and higher hairlines. Recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. Kabaker is one of the world's leading experts in performing this procedure with minimal risks and high rates of success. The best part about this procedure is that women can achieve the desired result in a fraction of the time as hairline reconstruction via hair transplant surgery. The major disadvantage of this procedure however, is that it's highly invasive and requires more time to properly heal.

In men, the procedure is a lot riskier, especially since unlike hair hairline reconstruction via hair transplantation, no DHT safe hair has been moved to the hairline with forehead reduction surgery. Thus, in the event a patient later experiences male pattern baldness, hairline recession could destroy the cosmetic result of the forehead reduction procedure.

Your idea of combining a forehead reduction with a minimal hair transplant sounds potentially viable. However, in the long run as pattern baldness progresses, you'd still end up requiring the same number of follicular units to be transplanted as if you never had the forehead reduction procedure. Thus, you'd be putting yourself through invasive surgery that will only give you a temporary result.

For more information, read "Hairline Lowering Procedures in Women with High Foreheads.


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