Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

Koray Erdogan hair transplant surgeon turkey

Turkey has become one of the premier destination spots for those looking for affordable hair transplant procedures. Medical tourism has exploded in popularity in recent years, the hair transplant industry continues to struggle with "black market" FUE clinics that continue to pop-up all over the world.

Turkey, in particular, has benefited from medical tourism but has been seen by many as the "black market" FUE capitol of the world. Unfortunately, many neglect the many surgeons who continue to hone their surgical technique and consistently produce excellent patient results.

In this article, we will go over the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.

Dr. Resul Yaman of Yaman Surgery Center

Dr. Resul Yaman graduated from Istanbul University, Cerraphasa Faculty Medicine in 2005. Dr. Yaman has been performing hair transplant surgery exclusively since 2009. Dr. Yaman is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) and is also recommended by the hair transplant network. The hair transplant network hosts the largest hair restoration community on the internet through its popular hair loss forum the hair restoration network.

Dr. Yaman consistently provides his patients with excellent results that are continuously displayed on the hair loss forum. Below is just one of the examples Dr. Yaman has presented on the forum.

Patient before surgeryPatient after surgery

Dr. Erdogan of ASMED surgical medical center

Dr. Koray Erdogan attended Hacettepe University where he earned his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine. In 2001, Dr. Erdogan founded his own hair transplant clinic and continued to hone his skill and technique by attending several workshops and conferences.

By 2004, Dr. Erdogan developed his own FUE technique dubbed the "sequential technique" he has demonstrated his technique in several FUE workshops held across the world.

In 2016, Dr. Erdogan founded the World FUE Institute with several elite hair transplant surgeons such as Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Jerry Wong, Dr. Jose Lorenzo, Dr. Hussain Rahal, and Dr. Bijan Feriduni.  Dr. Erdogan is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians and is also recommended by the hair transplant network.

Below is just one example of the excellent and consistent results Dr. Erdogan produces.

Patient result after surgery


The amount of hair transplant clinics that continue to pop-up every day in Turkey is astounding, but only a select few actually produce consistently excellent results. Unfortunately, the hair transplant industry has been plagued by the uprising of "black market" FUE clinics that continue to deplete patients donor areas with little to no growth. This is why choosing a surgeon/clinic that is accredited and belongs to an organization like the hair transplant network is crucial.

Surgeons who are approved and recommended by the hair transplant network have to consistently present excellent results. Additionally, they are held accountable through the hair restoration network's community that is ran by patients and consists of patients.