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Guys I've updated my Pre-Op pics with some I found from the clinic. Please let me know if you have any questions...I will be happy to help anyone just as many of you helped me before I had my surgery. 


Aug 28 2008

I went to Dr Pathomvanich's office yesterday for a consultation turns out the quoted 2500 grafts was a bit off. After drawing a symmetrical  and conservative hairline, the toal grafts actually needed came out to be about 1600.

So, this morning 28 August 2008 830 am. After having a light breakfast and some water I was set and ready to go. Once I got to the surgery room Dr Pathomvanich decides to re measure and re-draw the hair line just to be sure. After this was done he came to the conclusion that it could be anywhere from 1600-1800 grafts. I told him the more the better I would have liked 2000 grafts just to make it more dense.

So after a little anestethic and 4 Valiums, I was basically high as a kite and pretty much out of it. Surgery lasted from 9am - 3pm. There were a total of 1922 grafts placed on the front and temple areas. The total cost was right around $5k I will have more information on the total number of actual hairs tomorrow. It was pretty painless just a little uncomfortable, my head is still numb as im writing this since it has only been a few hours since I got back from the Clinic, I actually went to the mall and shopped a little right after surgery.

I will have pics in a few hours.



Non-Surgical Treatments:

My Hair Loss Story

I have been losing my hair for about 5 years now and have finally decided to do something about it. I was getting tired of seeing hairs in the shower. Sitting on the computer and seeing a hair on my keyboard or mouse. I was in denial for the longest but have finally accepted it and said to myself DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! STOP BEING SO PATHETIC AND TAKE SOME ACTIONS! So after about 12 months of research and planning my mode of attack, I have decided to go to Bangkok Thailand for this procedure. The reason I chose Thailand is because of my working situation. Working in the Middle East with 3 vacations per year, I decided I would just take one of my vacations and go get it done, basically I will be able to hide out and relax there also. After much research I found Dr. Pathomvanich of DHT Clinic (formerly Stough Clinic) At first I was very nervous and reluctant to do this in another country, my plan was always to do it at home in the U.S. but After speaking with the staff at DHT clinic I felt more comfortable. I have read many great reviews about Dr. Pathomvanich but of course reviews are just that, though he and his staff seem very professional and nice. After sending some pics Dr. Pathomvanich gave me a rough estimate of 2500 grafts to fill in my receding hairline. The surgery date is set for Aug 28th 2008.

I will update and give you guys more information as it comes.