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Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Age: 38 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

 I did my first HT #1 from Jerry E. Cooley, MD on March 9th 2011Total Grafts 3282  1->759  2-> 1780  3-> 720 4-> 31 5-> 1 total hair 6599

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Post Surgery 1mg Propecia alternate days, Roagine once daily Helphair whey protein  

My Hair Loss Story

I'm a 29 years old, started noticing my hair thinning around the age of 23. My hair was so thick that I didn't really bother doing anything about it. I really started to notice very thinned hair around age 25 and decided to do something about it.My condition became so bad that i had to consult a skin doctor for a treatment. 8 months back i went to a dermatologist in india and he prescribed me Minoxidil solution 10% (Coverit) twice daily, Finasteride 1mg daily, Biotin Mineral tables daily and Xgain shampoo 2 times weekly. Now I started seeing good progress and i see thick hairs in the crown area and in frontal head. The above medicines are only available in India.Now i replaced Xgain with Nizoral after i moved to US. Though i see progress i was not satisfied...I realized that the medicine helped to just retain what i had. I did lot of research and decided to go for a Hair transplant. I have started noticing hair loss when I was 23. And it began in the crown region and has gradually progressed since then. In the past 1 year i saw more thinning in the front region. I am now 29.