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I had 3,500 crown grafts in August of 2008 by Dr. Feller. I'm going for another 1,500 grafts in the crown on 3/14/13...I hope this gets me to where I want to of dermatch! I've taken finasteride every day since my 2008 surgery and will continue to take it every day after this surgery to hopefully maintain what I have.

Please follow my blog as I will post my pre-op pics and follow up pics along my 2nd journey.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia for 9 years and counting...

My Hair Loss Story

I began losing my hair little by little in the crown right out of college around 22 years old. I panicked once I heard the first comment because I never saw back there. I took a bunch of bs topical treatments that never seemed to work. Finally, at about 23, I discovered a miracle. Dermatch. When I first used it, it had looked like I had never lost any hair in the crown. Fast forward 6 years and I still use it every day religiously. Pretty much, nobody knows the extent of my crown loss, except myself and the 3 hair transplant docs that I have consulted with over the years. Not even my live in girlfriend knows the extent or anyone at work or my family. That is how self conscious I am about it. I discovered this website around 25 and the info has been invaluable. There are so many people to shout out on this forum for inspiration and motivation that I can't even name them all.


Hello Community :-)

It's been sometime since I last posted. I had a procedure almost 4 years ago. I had around 3,500 grafts from Dr. Feller all in the crown area. I had a great experience and am happy with the results. However, I believe I may have lost some more hair back there since, even though I've been taking finasteride every day since the procedure....I will post some pics soon of where I'm at now but I'm going for a procedure for 1,500 grafts all in the crown area again with Dr. Feller on 3/14/13. I wish I could go for more grafts but I'm limited on $$$ and this is all that I could afford. I wish that I could go for another 3,500 to sure up the crown for good (assuming I had the donor supply for that much) but I'm hoping that 1,500 will give me what I'm looking for. I know the crown is considered the "dark hole" in the HT world, but I'm sick of every day use of dermatch...using black pillow cases and hiding my hairloss from everyone, including my girlfriend. I hope this procedure gets me to not using dermatch anymore and being able to swim in pools again and just feeling more confident overall. I know 1,500 grafts isn't alot but I'm hoping Dr. F can pull off a miracle with that amount. I won't set my sites too high but I'm excited either way. The only hard part will be hiding it from my current girlfriend. My procedure from 4 years ago had a great story attached. I was supposed to be going to California and I even went to the tanning salon in NY to make my story more believable to people when I came home, even my girlfriend. I pulled it off without anyone knowing it. This time around, I live with my current girlfriend and I will see her when I get back after the procedure so there will be no way to hide it...I will just have to come clean and I think I'm ready to do that. I have taken the time off from work (2.5 weeks) and will hopefully be able to get away without anyone knowing except my gf. Wish me luck! I will post pre-op pics soon to hear what the community thinks.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Not a day goes by where I don't think about it

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

I feel Propecia has helped stabilize any further crown loss, but that's about it

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

So far I am very very pleased with how the procedure went and the skill by Dr. Feller and staff that went into it. I will track my progress month by month with updated pics on my WebBlog. I can't wait to really start seeing good results around month 8 and onward! :-)

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

hair transplant + Propecia for stabilization

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

not sure yet

My general advice and suggestions.

Research. Research. Research