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My surgery was done on October 17, 2008. I was very nervous, second guessing myself even as I sat in the waiting room at 7AM. Dr. Beehner administered some IV medication and I was completely relaxed the rest of the procedure. I wouldn't say it "flew by" as some say, but I definatley wasn't anxious. Dr. Beehner's staff told me I would be too groggy to care about watching TV, as some offices provide. Maybe the first couple of hours I was too groggy to care, but by the last 2 hours I got pretty bored.

Dr. Beehner gave me several options, including a large, one time procedure if for some reason I thought I could only do this once, or two spearate procedures with about 35% more total FTU's if I chose the two procedure option. I chose the 2 separate procedures of about 1550 units each. This is the story of my first session.

After my procedure, I felt great and even went out to lunch. On the 2 hour drive home however, I began to feel a little pain. The pain was tolerable, but I did have considerable trouble sleeping because it was hard to rest my head without feeling pressure in the donor and recipient areas. That part got better each night. I did not take the sleep aid the doctor prescribed.

I am not able to take prednisone because it upsets my stomach, so I did have quite a bit of swelling in my forehead and even in my eye lids. It was harmless, although it made it tough to play the video games I planned to play during my week off!

I wish I had stayed overnight after my surgery to have the staff give me my first shampoo. I think I was too careful and prolonged the scabbing process. By about day 7 or so I had to scrub them a bit in the shower and I was terrified that I was going to damage the follicles.

Overall I had a very positive experience so far. I'm determined not to be one of these guys who stresses out over my progress at 8 weeks. I've seen enough pictures to know the change is dramatic between month 3 and 6. I am beginning to see tiny blonde hairs now at 8 weeks. I think they must become thicker and darker over time, which explains the 6 month difference.

I'm hoping to be very pleased 6 months from now and plan to be making my next appointment with Dr. Beehner.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

The only non-surgical treatment I am using is my prescription finasteride (Propecia). I take 1/4 pill ever other day.

My Hair Loss Story

I began noticing my hairline changing when I was about 21 when I often buzzed my hair. Between then and now, age 30, it has progressed of course. It was tolerable to me up to this point, but it became clear I had to make a decision and I chose to have a consultation and later my first surgery with Dr. Michael Beehner in Saratoga Springs, NY.

How has my hair loss affected me?

My hair loss was just plain depressing. I say "was" because even though my hair has not come in yet, I knew the day after my procedure that I had done the best thing I could to address my problem and I feel better already.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Waiting to see my results. As I write this it has been 8 weeks. Others are commenting positively on my hair, but I think it is just because I am growing it out a little.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

It's too soon to tell how it will ultimately turn out, but I feel relieved just knowing that every day that passes is not a day I've put off a decision, but instead a day closer to my hair coming back. I cannot overstate how much better I feel just because I did something.

My general advice and suggestions.

My advice would be: Don't be afraid. The surgery itself is no big deal. One of my biggest fears was that I would have to wear long hair in the back to hide my scar. I got my hair cut yesterday and got pretty damn short without showing the scar.

My other fear was the cost. My surgery was about $6100 and I will need another procedure that will cost about the same. My car is paid off and I simply decided I would drive it a few more years more than cover it. It's done and I haven't regretted it.