Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Age: 54 | Bald Class: Bald Class 4 Email Me

300 minigrafts in 1991 by Dr. Shory at Latham's Hair Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama.

I'm set with Dr. Cooley for March 20, 2008, for 2500 grafts.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Been on a concoction of finasteride / minoxidil that Dr. Griffin prescribed for me back two years ago.  It's $35 per month and I'm suspicious the finasteride doesn't work as a 'topical' solution.  But, who knows?

4/30:  Started on Proscar and Rogaine foam.

My Hair Loss Story

DIFFUSE THINNING????  My pics can sometimes look like I have more hair than I actually do, so if any of you are thinking "Why is this guy wanting a transplant?", forget it because had the wind been blowing that day you could see straight to my scalp and 'minis'.

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Believe it or not, in 5th grade I was voted "Best Hair" out of the whole class!  Do you believe they had an award for that?  For years, hair stylists would tell me my hair was so thick that I never had to worry about going bald like my dad.

Well, around age 20 while in college people started letting me know my hair was starting to thin.  By the time I was 24, people could see my bald spot on the crown and a little 'diffuse thinning' on the top and front.  After graduating from college, I went to work in a factory wearing a hardhat every day.  After a year or so I had most everyone I met (it seemed) commented on my hair loss.

I had 300 'mini's' back in '91 when I was about 25 or so.  It might have thickened it up for a couple of months, but in all, not too much.  It's starting to become noticeable now.  Luckily, my doc back then put my new hairline up about 1/2 inch above where it was at the time.

My 30's were a blur, but I hope to more enjoying of life in my 40's.  I'm so tired of wondering if the people sitting behind me at a sporting event are looking at my head, tired of seeing clients glance at my hairline because it looks a little different, and tired of looking so bald in the wind.





How has my hair loss affected me?

Like a lot of people, it's really cramped my style.  I used to date the hottest girls around. Seriously!  My wife is hot, too, and doesn't care about my hair loss.  But, now my confidence is gone because of my hairloss.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Not yet. 

2/5/2008 - I'm happy that my old plugs have been removed, and my hair looks natural.  I think I got my hopes up thinking I wouldn't be "bald" anymore, but 2500 grafts just wasn't enough to make me look 20 again.


My general advice and suggestions.

Shave it and forget about it if you've got a good looking head!  It's sort of in style now, but it wasn't back in 1990 when I got some minigrafts.  Keep your body in shape, as that's what does it for most women.  It took me 40 years to realize that.