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Dr. Konior



Age: 40 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5a Email Me

I communicated with Dr. Konior via email as to my expectations, sent in a deposit, and scheduled the procedure for the first available time he had (which was 6 months away).  

I had the procedure on July 29th, 2010  (It has been one week as I am writing this now).  I stayed in a hotel nearby to his clinic.  I was picked up and taken back to the hotel by a member of his staff.  

Dr. Konior's clinic appeared very well equipped, nicely decorated, and professional; maybe the nicest clinic I had been to (I had visited around a dozen clinics in my search for the best doctor).

I arrived at 6:30 where we discussed the plan I had laid out with him via previous emails; to focus on a creating a great hairline, disguising/covering my bad grafts, using at least 3,000 grafts, or more if possible.

The procedure began at around 7:30 and was completed at 5:30.  I was given several bathroom breaks, one I asked for and he was very accommodating, and I had a short lunch.  With the drugs they gave me I fell asleep for most of the procedure and time went by quickly.  There were some points in which i felt pain, but they immediately injected the site with pain killers.

They were able to get 3600 grafts out of me, and in all the procedure cost me $13,500.

I was given many prescription meds to help with the pain and the healing process.  I can tell you that the first night back in my hotel I was in agony, mostly from the staples holding the incision.  The pain killers did nothing to help it, but it became better as i applied the anti-bacterial ointment.

I went in the next morning and he said I looked great and didn't need a cleaning or any other treatment.  He injected pain medicine  for my drive home since I couldn't take the pain pills while driving. 

I intend to put up pics every couple of months or so and give critical comments as to how it is going.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I have used Rogain and Propecia for 4 years with minimal results

My Hair Loss Story

I started losing my hair at around 22 or 23.  This was a tremendous blow to my self esteem.  

I tried shaving or buzzing my hair, but my head is pointy and unattractive, I also looked like I was 60 years old with that look.  I began to receive jokes and comments from people, and worse of all, I went from being very outgoing and active with the ladies, to being insecure and scared to talk or even be seen by one. 

When I was 24 I decided to do something about it and a hair transplant done.  I first looked into Bosley, but they wanted $12,000, which was a lot of money to me at the time.  I found a doctor was based out of Detroit who told me how great he was and that he would take the maximum amount of grafts out for $5,000.  So I did it.

The procedure lasted only about 3 hours.  Other doctors that have looked at me have told me that it only looks like he took about 1600 grafts out, definitely not the maximum.  

A couple of moths later the hair started to grow, and after a year I realized what a horrible decision I had made.  Most of the grafts had 4-6 hairs popping out, basically they were plugs, and the 1-2 hair grafts looked liked wires.  It looked like how the hair comes out of the scalp of a dolls head. There was no density because he had spaced the grafts so far apart.  I looked horrible, by far, worse off that I was before the procedure.

I suffered through this for several years until I became determined to have it fixed by having another procedure done by the best doctor I could find.  

I live on the West Coast and Mid-West, so I searched for the best doctors I could find in those vast areas, mainly searching in the San Francisco Bay and Chicago areas.  I traveled and met with about 12 doctors.  All of them said I had a bad result and that they could fix it.  But when I would look at their result pics I would carefully study them, and I could see wirey looking hairs coming from the front hair lines, I wanted to find a doctor who could produce soft, natural looking hair in the front.  I knew by adding more it would look better because of greater density, and that a lot of doctors could do that for me, but I wanted to find the best doctor I could find that would give me a look that was natural and undetectable.  

I found Dr. Konior on this site and saw how highly he was rated.  I also studied his pics, he was the only doctor I had found that had results with soft, natural looking hairlines in 99% of the pics.  I called to schedule a meeting, but was told I would had to wait 3-4 months for a meeting because he was so booked.

So after careful consideration, I decided even though I hadn't even met the guy, I would schedule the procedure with Dr. Konior based on the reviews from this site, and pics that had been posted compared to the other surgeons.