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Age: 45 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

Well, I did a hair transplant of about a thousand grafts and I am waiting to see the results

My Hair Loss Story

The surgery was great, during the hair rtansplant, it was relaxing when I got to watch Meet the Fockers. Watching those FOCKERS helped me to take my mind off the first injections. Swelling when down within two days and surprisingly no pain when I left Dr. Charles office.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I look more older to girls.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia until now

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Definately yes

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Fist visit Dr. Glenn Charles, Boca Raton Florida. Take Propecia and do a hair transplant surgery with him.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I am still waiting on the results

My general advice and suggestions.

Do not give up hope, and pray to GOD for help and he will send you to Dr. Glenn Charles.