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Dr. Harris



Bald Class: Bald Class 5a

I have undergone 2 FUE sessions with Dr. James Harris.First surgery was 2125 FUE grafts (2.32 hairs/graft) conducted over 2 days in July 2008 using SAFE system of sharp punch scoring followed by blunt punch dissection. The second surgery was 1700 FUE grafts (~2.5 hairs/graft), conducted in 1 day in April 2010, with his new powered system, a moderately slow spinning blunt punch.  0.8mm was the primary punch size used for both surgeries, along with 1mm punch for some larger 4-5 hair grafts.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

finasteride since 2006

My Hair Loss Story

Prior to the 2 FUE procedure, I had virtually no hair on top from front back to cowlick, and heavily thinned hair at cowlick. My goal was to go from bald to a "receding/balding" look while being able to continue wearing short hair (often down below 1/4" to 4-5mm on sides).  This goal was achieved and overall I am happy with the FUE procedures.  For the 2010 procedure I had Dr. Harris harvest follicles throughout the entire non-balding region which evened out the visible donor scarring of the 2008 procedure, which was noticeable upon buzz cut (3-4mm).  The only disappointment was some loss of grafts in the most densely packed recipient of the 2010 procedure (center, patchy area back from vertex).  That region had greatly scabbed after surgery and is where the surgeon had packed a lot of 4’s and 5’s.

Total cost for the 2 FUE procedures came to right around $30K (3825 FUE grafts).  I would recommend Dr. Harris for anyone that wears their hair below 1/2" and is considering FUE hair transplantation.  I would however first recommend that balding individuals try a shaved head style, which looks good on some people.  FUE donor scars are small, but they are slightly noticeable when buzzing hair with no guard, and definitely noticeable with a shaved head.

I now typically wear my hair around 1/2" top and 1/4" sides.  Donor scarring is not noticeable when donor region is 4mm or longer.

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