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1) 4200 grafts with Dr. Alan Feller on June 19, 2006. 500 were for the temple points (combined); 3700 went to restoring a hairline and restoring coverage to the scalp, up to but not including the crown.

2) 3100 grafts on 8/25/08.  Lowered hairline at the temples and added overall density to the top.


Non-Surgical Treatments:


My Hair Loss Story

Please note that I will not be updating this blog; 

How has my hair loss affected me?

Aside from inspiring my decision to have a transplant, and the time/expense that has gone along with it, I can't say that it has -- although I was obviously dissatisfied enough to do something about it, it was more like restoring an old car, or rebuilding a house I especially liked, than anything else...being more confident is certainly a life journey for me, but all things considered, my hair or lack thereof has never particularly been a part of that.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

The one transplant procedure that I had!

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I'm highly satisfied, and have been since I walked into Dr. Feller's office in May 2006 for my consultation. Every step of the process, from that meeting, through the surgery, through the healing and growth, has met or exceeded my expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Feller, or another doctor with his skill and level of ethics, to anyone considering a hair transplant.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

I can only vouch for transplants, at this point, never having tried Propecia, Rogaine, or other treatments.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

It has given me more hair where I wanted it, and thereby enhanced my appearance...which is all I was looking for!

My general advice and suggestions.

  • Do research. A lot of research. Read over as many online forums as you can find, see what people are saying about doctors, look at their photos, ffind out what questions to ask.
  • Don't rush, and don't let anyone rush you. A doctor who has your best interests and well-being at heart will not try to pressure you or talk you into a procedure, or a timeline, that is not in your best interest. A laege part of my comfort with choosing Dr. Feller derived from his willingness to not only answer any and all of my questions, but to encourage me to talk to other surgeons, whom he named. And most importantly, he spoke to me doctor-to-patient, not doctor-through-salesperson-to-potential customer.
  • Keep a clear's easy to let the emotions around losing hair, and around our appearance, get the better of us, and it's likewise easy to convince ourselves that a cosmetic change will somehow eliminate our other insecurities or self-doubts.'s only hair. We like having it, we may want it to look differently, and most of us can quite likely make that happen...but we can also live without it.
  • Be realistic in your goals and expectations. We each have our own head size, hair texture, tendency toward baldness -- 4000 grafts, for example, won't necessarily have the same "bang of the buck" on one person as they do on another. What they will do, however, is give us what we didn't have before -- which is the one goal that makes sense, at least to me!
  • Enjoy it. Although there is definitely expense and time expense that goes with a hair transplant, and it is a surgical procedure that merits the research we do, it's also pretty cool that it's even possible!
  • On a more practical note...DON'T CHOOSE YOUR DOCTOR BASED ON HIS OR HER LOCATION. Granted, flying from Asia or Europe to the States is adding some non-trivial cost to the whole thing, but barring some extreme circumstance -- you're already committing thousands of dollars to this. Far better to add a few hundred more for a bus or train and one night in a motel, than to potentially spend the next several years regretting your decision! Choose the doctor who you believe can do the job, who has demonstrated his or her skill, whose patients speak honestly and well of him or her, with whom you feel comfortable. A doctor like that is worth some airfare, or more money in Amtrak's pocket!