Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Age: 52 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

HT with Dr. Griffin in 2004...2240 grafts

HT with Dr. Jerry Cooley on 07-10-09...3014 grafts

1's= 626    2's= 1717   3's= 671    total of 6073 hairs


Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia started July 11th, 2009

Rogaine foam started June 2009

Revita shampoo for about a it.

Opti-men vitamin started 6 months ago

My Hair Loss Story

I started noticing in my late 20's that I was getting a little thin up top.  I tried different vitamins and for a short time tried Rogaine...little to no results.   I did nothing for several years but started researching HTs in my mid 30's as my hair really started to thin.  I came across Dr. Griffin and Dr. Cole while researching so I made the drive to Atlanta to do a consult with each.  I decided on Dr. Griffin.  A month or so later, Dr. Griffin and team placed around 2240 grafts on my head.   I experienced good results with my HT with the majority of my grafts placed in the mid and front sections of my scalp.  After my HT, I started propecia but only took it for a short time. Over the past year or so, I started getting pretty self conscious about the crown and the front started thinning quite a bit.   The Research starts again on HT.....

After researching on this site,  I decided to do my second HT with Dr. Cooley in Charlotte, NC.   I spoke to Lollie and Ailene several times on the phone and exchanged several emails...they were both very helpful and made me feel very comfortable.  I scheduled my surgery for July 10th, 2009.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I was happy with my first transplant with Dr. Griffin in 2004.  With my recent transplant with Dr. Cooley, I was wanting to add density to the front and to the crown. 

It was a very good experience with Dr. Cooley and his team.  I hope I will be just as pleased in the coming months!   I have complete confidence in Dr. Cooley's work so I'm sure I'll be happy.  I was also very impressed with Brandi who placed many of the grafts.  She has been working with Dr. Cooley for 10yrs.  And, I have to mention Amy and Aileen...they are truly good people and know their job VERY well.  It is very obvious this team has been working together for years and enjoy what they do.  I do not know the names of all the graft techs...they said little but worked hard ALL day.   We started at 7am and finished up right around 6pm.   I took 5mg of Valium right before surgery but passed on the versed...very little discomfort during the procedure.  Actually, the only discomfort is when Dr. Cooley is numbing the scalp but that is not bad at all. 

If you decide to do a HT with Dr. have to eat at Buca's.  Dr. Cooley recommended it to me when I saw him the day before my surgery.  I ate there that night, had it for lunch the day of my surgery, and went back for dinner the night of my surgery!  

I will post more pics in a couple of days and will probably post monthly after that up until a year or so.  If anyone has any questions about Dr. Cooley and team...feel free to contact me.