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Bald Class: Bald Class 5 Email Me

HT by Dr. Pathuri Madhu

Grafts : 3200

1 Session : 4-5 Hrs duration

Non-Surgical Treatments:

My Hair Loss Story

Started losing hair probably from the 24-25 yrs. I am 32 now and in last 4-5 yrs it has been more. Hair loss is mainly because of hereditary issue. I resemble my maternal side like my grand father and uncles of which none of them have hair any-longer.

Going for Hair Transplant was not a direct decision. I guess there is difference between need and want. You will need a home but might want a car.

So wanting hair unless and until is like obsession, you will not go for it. No doubt I am obsessed for hair and decided to end the quench of hair.

Researched a lot in US about the HT, visited some doctors and consulted. I was not happy with one or other thing in these consultations. If the result was good either the price was too high or the doctor was more bsuier. If the price was good the doctor could not do dense packing. So after looking at many finally came through Dr. Madhu.

Good thing... they have a online consultation. As i live in US, initially consulted them through emails and phones. Also researched a lot about Dr. Madhu and finally decided to land in India and get the HT.

I now understand after the transplant there are 3 important points normally people consider.

1) Result  2) Post HT support  3) Price

But before HT people look at only 1 and 3. They miss 2 which is very critical.

\\\\  \Procedure Experience/ ////

Anyway got the HT this Nov 11 2010. Had 3200 grafts placed around the area where the hair loss was dominant. I have developed some Blood Pressure during the last 6 months. So they gave me some pills to lower the BP, may be they would also cause sleep, i did not feel or remember the initial injections for donor extraction.

Actually i was almost in semi conscious state during the procedure and in between took some juice and went to rest room and spoke to people around. 

What i like the best about Dr. Madhu's clinic is the staff, and other team members and very cooperative, helpful most important skillful. As HT needs a team to perform successfully, they have it here. Most imp they are all Happy. I know if you are happy you will do things better.

In US this was the problem!! You have to pay all u r technicians, nurse and etc. So they will charge you more also they cut short on people to save some more dollars, which results in depleted staff and self dependency increases.

In Dr.Madhu's clinic its exactly opposite. You have enough staff to handle different things as required, so quality of surgery becomes good and easy.

After HT i hardly experienced any pain, i slept on my right side which was easier for me rather on left because of stiches and transplanted area. One point to mention here is the hair band!!

Use it, bcos in US they donn give u this, therefore after surgery the face for initial 7-10 days has some of the saline solution accumulated.

Anyway after having surgery on 11th I flew back after 3 days to US.  This shows how easy this was with the HT. Since then i m in frequesnt communication with Dr. Madhu on questions about Post HT and the development.

So hope this can help you shortlist your surgeon for the HT.

All the best!!

How has my hair loss affected me?

I am very passionate to have hair, no particular losses though.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Yes, very good experience. Still less than a month of HT

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Consult a Hair Doctor

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I am obsessed to have lot of permanent hair on top of my head all around :-)