Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley


James - AKA - GreaseDJ

Age: 42 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3 Email Me

Dr. Cooley in Charlotte, NC transplanted 2,508 FUs on July 27, 2011. 


1s - 413

2s - 1,030

3s - 837

4s/5s - 228


Total: ~5896 hairs

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Proscar 5mg 1/4 pill daily.

Minox, 5% once a day.
Revita Shampoo daily 

My Hair Loss Story

Can remember someone referring to me as a "member of the brotherhood of the mature hairline" at the age of 16. Had a slow recede the next 10 years or so and a real accelerated thinning of the front between age 26 and 32. 

With the exception of the front, my hair is very thick and moderately corse. The last year or so, started growing it longer and wearing forward covering the receding part. Finally realized that the small peninsula that is remaining on the front third of my head is not going to be there much longer. Time to do something.