Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Pathomvanich



Bald Class: Bald Class 5 Email Me

1st session - 19th june 2009

No graft 2,758

Total hair 5,500

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Yu nan (chinese herbs) cost a lot but useless.

Beijing 101 (also chinese herbs)

Nioxin, propecia, osmosis, rogain, minoxidil, D.s labotaries rivita, viviscal, provillus, laser comb etc..

My Hair Loss Story

I started noticing i am losing hair was the time i am getting a bold already on my crown area. As i had no family background of boldness there i wasnt so worry that i am going to get bold as i thought it was just like a cycle in your life time that you need to lose of bit of hair with the age. I think i was age 23 when i notice a big thinning area on my crown as i was told by my sister because i cant really see my crown area if i didnt take two mirror back to back. Then i realise when i shower there were always unfinished hair lose on my hand when i shampoo the hair just keep falling. When i study on my table i always like to play with my hair and all those hair are just keep falling onto my table and sometimes can up to 100 to 200 hairs count. Then i become very uncofident with myself specially when people are noticing my thinning area but at that time i thought things still wasnt that bad as it started at the crown and i still have plentyful of hair at my front part to cover the front. It was my height also people are hardly noticing unless i was sitting down and they come to greet me from behind. It was started around age 23- 24 i avoid sitting in front of ppl and i afraid ppl will spot on my bolding part of my hair. I will also avoid appear in a big function and partying with frens. It was really a bit sad that i lose my hair at that young age and losing confident in front of the ppl and losing the fun of being a young man. Every now and then i was thinking oh... no my hair my hair..why i lose hair and i looks old. Being age of 24 with the hair of 40's year old man thats wat my hairdresser told me. Then i start to mention about my hair lose to my family doctor and he told me to take propecia. I took propecia for three months and i stop taking it as i found a lot of forum talking about the side effect of it. It does feel like taking drug as you are taking it everyday the side effect i had was sometimes headache and getting pump but not really on the sexual as descript in the hair lose forum. Then i tried Noxin shampoo with three type of treatment i remember i was cleanser and one is to remove the DHT and one is a tonic. Some people say it help for them but i didnt see any effect on me, in fact during those years of hair loss i had been trying every single hair shampoo as i possibly could. I was desprate until i search on the internet buying shampoo and hair vitamin from something like and amazon. You name it i try it. All the product are helpful for the very first few month and afterward the hair loss are back again. Sometimes it wasnt the thinning hair that makes you stressful it was the loss of hair everytime you comb and shower. I could be very happy and confident with myself if i dont lose hair in a week time. That is how stressful looking at every pieces of the hair are washing of from the bath tub and i am helpless. I did get over it recent years and not to think so much about my hair as it already gone bold but i never stop using any hair tonic in the morning before i go to work. Through out the time i have always been search in internet about hair loss and what causing it and any hair loss help as there possibily could. I put myself as a special case as non of my family are bolding or getting really thin on their hair. Therefore, like everyone will think those uncles are always making some funny joke about my hair during family dinner. Someone might think i concern too much about hair but it is how it is when you are losing your hair specially i am that young and it is streeful as i mention seeing your hair are getting less everyday.  I realise i am observing others ppl are more frequent special those people having same hair loss as me. i also realise ppl are looking at my forehead as they saying hi to me and guessing how old am i.  Well i get over it after few years sometimes yes sometime no. I guess i will be really happy one day if i dont need to worry so much about my hair. Shit happen. I had three gf during my hair loss period. (i wasnt still so bad looking :)) I cannot stay all of them but they does hope i grown my hair back. Haha.. Whats the chance of a man with bolding hair grown back their hair? although we do see those advertisement but in real life i have not meet anyone that grown their hair back with any kind of shampoo or hair tonic. Actually there was a website teaching us how to differentiate some fake advertisement. There are a lot of fake advertisement on the market, you can simply do it with or without the flush of your camera. Despate all hair loss product are useless so i start to research in what they are tranplanting the permanent hair into my bolding part of my hair. Why i wan to do it? I want to do it because 1st i want to looks good, i wan to presentable infront of the crowd, secondly i wan to do it for my future wife and child as i am still single i would like to look good when i am taking my wedding photo. I want to gain my confident in front of ppl althought for the pass years i already learn how to be confident with myself but i think with hair it will helps a lot. I dont know if it also include under their consideration to marry a man without hair but i guess most young woman and my ex gf do care about my look. But if you ask them i am sure they will say no but keep on comment about it. So i went on consult with DR path on 30 of march and had my surgery done on 19 of june. It was a three months waiting list. Like everyone in the forum said Dr path is really a good doctor and the team are really great. Althought i still have to wait up to a yr to see my result but i tell you once i was walking out of his clinic i felt great i had done it. I have to say i was quite nervous even the month before the surgery and i carry a yes no answer to the clinic. There was no reason why not to do it because you certainly can see there is a lof of work work done by dr path. Actually there are also a lot of people who receive HT from him have not yet post their experience here. For me because i think i learn a lot and observe a lot of information regarding HT therefore i think i should post my result to let every see and let them learn from me too. Like many others i receive the same treatment from DR path, body massage during the surgery and pill to relax and local anasecthic and some pills to make you feel relax. I didnt feel it was 8 hrs, i guess i fall in sleep at some stage. The nurse are really frenly and they teach you all the way from before to after the surgery what should do and what shouldnt do. DR path does do hair tranplant everyday andhis clinic are always accomodate with those ppl who done their HT to come back for shampoo and those ppl waiting for consult. Hair tranplant was really a small surgery for me. I could walk to the BTS train and took a train back to my hotel and odering a pad thai from the menu and doing some reading on the internet before i carefully place my head on the bed into sleep. That night Dr path also called me to ask about my condition and i had no pain on my donor area and my other surgery part. It was good but i did take those antibiotic they gave.The next day i went back to shampoo and after that i am off to shopping and sight seeing. It wasnt feeling anything at all with my hat on and the head band on. Head band is to prevent swelling. I had it off the end of second day of surgery althought it was recommend to take of after the third day. People are thinking i am hip pop with the hat and the band. haha.they didnt know i had a surgery. But do remember when you go to surgery take a bigger hat or do some hat shopping in bkk the day before you go to the hair transplant. I bought 4 hat and i am wearing a different hat everyday. And please remember to massage your scalp everyday like three month before you go to do the surgery coz Dr could extract more hair with loosen scalp and i bet you only wan to do this (HT) once, so get as many graft as possible at the 1st place.