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Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Age: 51 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5 Email Me

One session on November 14, 2008. 4516 grafts with 2448 1's, 1827 2's and 241 3's.  The procedure was done by Dr. Cooley located in Charlotte, NC.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Started on Rogaine on May 16, 2008 and started on Propecia on July 15, 2008

My Hair Loss Story

I first noticed I could see my scalp in the crown area when I was 27 in one of those three way mirrors in the bathroom in a cruise ship and was like holy smoke I have never seen any of my white scalp or any hair missing on my crown or head before. It was really small at that time and the crown just continued to loose density and hair and then my forehead slowly started to recede and then the mid section.  I have always played alot of golf and outside sports and then I started to wear hats all the time when I was outside because of the lack of coverage on my head.  So, I just dealt with it because when I looked in the mirror it looked like I had at least some hair on the top of my head.

So, I was watching a commerical about MHR and then Bosley and made an appointment in April 2008 with them and I just did not get the warm and fuzzy gut feeling from them about the procedure with them and the doctor was kind of cold and not engaging. So, I then googled HT doctor's in the Atlanta and Charlotte,NC area. I left messages with the Atlanta doctor's on this forum and they never returned my calls. I then emailed Ailene with Dr. Cooley's office and she emailed back and I set an appointment in July and then had a 2nd consult in October and then I had my HT procedure on November 14, 2008. 

How has my hair loss affected me?

I wish I did not have to wear a hat outside for sporting events and participating in sporting events. I have always stayed in shape, exercised and ate correctly which were things that I COULD control and loved to do. But, this hairloss thing I could not control. Well, I take that back if I would have if I stayed on Propecia 10 years ago (was on it for 3 months and was not educated with the time you needed to be on it to see and results or stoppage hairloss) who knows where I would be know with my hairloss. That is history and a choice I did not make a commitment too.  I did not have a game plan until this year and when I met with Ailene and Dr. Cooley in July. 

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Not sure just started on Rogaine once a day in May and Fin 2.5 M-W-F in July 2008

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

FOR SURE!  My experience was fantastic! Dr. Cooley, Amy, Brandi and the 5 wonderful graft tech's worked so well together and made me feel so comfortable the whole time.  I am now waiting on the results. And I have been married for 15 years so I am used to waiting :). I have educated myself and have been educated by Dr. Cooley's team with what to look for in the growth timeline and I know that everyone is different so we have to be patient and time will be the healer and teller of my procedure. I have zero redness at 8 days. The only redness I had was yesterday when Amy cleaned and scrubed my scalp.

The experience FAR exceded my expectations. I had ZERO pain. The only times I had to ask for something that I can remember was for more bottom cushion support (my bottom fell asleep) and one time I told Amy or Brandi that I could start to feel some of the grafts being placed. So, Brandi just hit me 3 numbing shots and instantly I could not feel a thing with grafts being placed.

I got there at 7am and I left at approximately 11:30pm. And Amy and Brandi where there the whole time with Dr. Cooley except for the last 30 so minutes when he was doing his finals inspections and then I had the O2 treatment done.

I felt so good 12 hours after I left Dr. Cooley's office (I had my procedure done on a Friday) I was back coaching my two son's last football game with my Dr. Cooley blue hat on with the saran wrap underneath it.

And lastly they feed me like a champ. I had a choice of 20 or so restaurants and I chose Tony Roma's and it was perfect.  Also, I watched 7 movies (and I slept thru one of my favorite's Remember the Titan's) and I have never done that in one day. So, there were alot of firsts this day and they were all positive ones :).





What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Just like Dr. Cooley recommends Rogaine once a day and Propecia 1mg or Fin 2.5 on M-W-F

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Just 8 days out but Dr. Cooley and this team said it is going to look great. 

My general advice and suggestions.

Research, Research, and email and talk to if at all possible the successful HT patients with the doctor you would like to go with that were at the same or close NW scale as you and then make a decision and go for it or don't. Don't procrastinate..make a decison one way or the other and do not look back.  When you go with a best in class Doctor like Dr. Cooley you only can think of the positive results from your HT from his reputuation. But, I am only 8 days out at present so let's see what my head looks like in 12-15 months from now.