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Bald Class: Bald Class 4a Email Me

650 FUE on forelock with Dr. Feller on 5/13/10

2264 FUE on frontal region with Dr. Panine on 7/9/13

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia (on 10th year - worried about the plateau), Minox (switching to foam because liquid irritated me)

My Hair Loss Story

I suppose I probably started losing my hair when I was 18, but as the age-old story goes, I don't think I noticed it until I was around 21 because it was so gradual. I didn't accept it/start to do anything about it until I was 23. Started on Propecia that year.

The recession began at the temples and was not really noticeable until around 21. Then the recession began to cut deep back on the temples and give me a pretty big forehead with no framing. Around 25, the hair loss began to attack the forelock. That's when I had enough. I don't mind having an extreme recession, but I don't want a horseshoe. Unacceptable - even when I shave my head down to the skin you can still notice (and I have no problem with having a shaved head in  general)

Have been researching transplants for about 2-3 years. The first 2 years or so I was mortified and was a complete skeptic. I didn't even believe in any of the user-submitted pictures. As I started doing more research and talked to a couple patients, I started to realize that this is completely feasible if a) you have the resources b) commit to finding THE BEST doctor possible that can put together a good plan for you.

After about a year of research I concluded that I could go to no other than Dr. Alan Feller.

I have a pretty high recessed hairline, but

I wasn't so much bothered by that. What I was personally having trouble with is

that the forelock or "island" that was left in the middle of my head

was starting to wear away. Soon enough, patches were missing and the edges were

thinning out.

I opted to do my very first procedure with a very

conservative goal - restoring the forelock - and that's it.

After a good year+ of research, I decided on Dr. Feller in

NY. I went to him once before to get a PRP done, but the results of that only

lasted a few months. He told me during my consultation back then that if I ever

had the balls to go ahead with a procedure, restoring the forelock would be a

very easy case and that I could do so with an FUE operation.

Truth be told, an FUE is the only way I would have made a

move. I typically wear my hair short anyways (really short - down to like a 2

or 3 - I like it that way with such a high recessed hairline) and I would never

be able to deal with the scar from a strip surgery. After a few months of

consideration and after the thickening effects of the PRP wore off, I decided

to call and make an appointment.

The surgery was yesterday (as of this writing). I am now 24

hours after my surgery and I will be updating as frequently as I can.

I want to thank Dr. Feller and his staff, who were

very kind, easy to talk to and very thorough about the minutia of the

procedure. I think Dr. Feller, IMO, has to be one of the best FUE doctors in

the world (after looking at dozens of examples of cases he has worked on), and

he is very quick to be honest with you about what you will and will not be able

to achieve. He was very forthcoming by telling me that if he found I didn't

have a good FUE donor area, he would not go through with the procedure. Ethics

matter. Luckily, once we had started the procedure he noticed that I was a very

good candidate.

The most difficult part of the procedure BY FAR was the

extraction from the donor area. Having to lay still with your face down through

a donut hole is one of the least comfortable things I've ever done, but as soon

as that was over, the "installation" of the new hair to the recipient

site went so smoothly that I actually fell asleep through most of the process.

How has my hair loss affected me?

If it wasn't for my shitty genetics and awful looking hairline (regardless of what other people say), I would be a very happy person. I have a great job, great friends and the best partner one could ask for. The hair loss has been a consistent thorn in my side for the past 4 years or so. To make matters worse, I'm a balding guy that HATES WEARING HATS. Oxy-moron, right?

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia, though I am very worried about the potential for the effect wearing off after 5+ years of use. Would like to learn more about scientific studies and if there any alternatives if Propecia does indeed stop working.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I'm only on Day #2, so I'll keep you updates

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Depends on your situation, but I think Propecia is a must for ANYBODY that is even starting to THIN. DON'T WAIT until it's too late. It's a very pricey drug but for it's effect - it's PRICELESS

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Hasn't yet.

My general advice and suggestions.

I'm here to chart my journey.