Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



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2-21-08:   850-900 Grafts (combination of ones, twos, threes).  At four months, little to no growth except at the hairline where "extractions" were performed, and at widows peak where no transplants had been performed before.

Finally got  decent growth  at 8 month mark.  Not surprising considering  Dr. Chambers  butchered me previously and depleted my donor,  and impacted  my  recipient site.

Hats off to Dr. Cooley  for doing everything possible to make it better-  this man   is a conscientious  and

capable physician. 

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I'm pretty much a lost cause at this point as far as rogaine and propecia.  Im mid to late forties, so have lost all im going to lose.  Im stuck with a bald spot, but hoping to get some significant coverage combing front to back.

12/11   Gave up on propecia due to itching/redness a year ago.  Not any growth anyway.  

My Hair Loss Story

Appx. 1000 Grafts with Dr. Cooley in Charlotte 3.5 years ago.  Generally satisfied with results, given that  I was  a previous war  refugee of  neanderthal  results----the now deceased CP Chambers  performed 5 surgeries with almost no results.

Fast forward to Dr. Cooley,  had consultation,  we both realized my donor/results were unsatisfactory were minimal.  Also had significant scarring.  Dr. Cooley  certainly did everything he could to improve the front  (we ignored the back because of donor) at a reasonable price, removed some old scarring,  and   got  pretty decent results given my track record.

Fast forward again to now-----my hairline has  white scarring/  grooves  and minimal coverage  (Cooley went for general coverage instead of a hairline transplant).  I was hoping  these  white/ minor recessed areas would fade but it seems I need to correct this either with another  hairline transplant  or some cosmetic procedure to eliminate the  white scars.