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Dr. Madhu



Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

I had 2624 Grafts transplanted S-824 D-1400 M-400

Non-Surgical Treatments:

FInipecia 1 mg one daily and MInoxidil 5% twice daily

My Hair Loss Story

I had My Hair transplant done By Dr. Madhu on 5/08/2010. The procedure went smooth. There was only mild pain for first 2 days after that no pain at all . I am in to my 21st day after suregery still most of transplanted hair still in tact. About Dr. Madhu clinic it was pleasent experience all the staff were very professional , helpful and made me comfortable.  On the consultaion day I was taken to Dr.Vijetha madam who explained me about HT and Clarified all my douvts then met Dr. Madhu and discussed about my HT and we both agreed leave my Hairline as it is and just pack existing hairline. On second day I was there at clinic in the morning 6 ' o clock had breakfast light (had idli) my actual operation went for more than 5 hours except for the first injection I didn't feel any pain. After my procedure I was offered snacks and I left immedialtly with my hat on my head I was in no comfort I cold travel by myelf through taxi with out any problems. On second day I had my head wash on 3rd day stiches removed . Here I am in to my 20 th day with most of the scabs gone but still HT grafts are intact. HOpe the results will be good and speak for the work of Dr. Madhu. Will upload my phtotos soon

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

have to wait 6 more months

My general advice and suggestions.

research before and talk to HT ptients which will help you