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1st Hair Transplant with Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich Bangkok Thailand - 18 JUL 07 - 3300 grafts

The experience itself was wonderful. My immediate post-op pictures are among the best I have ever seen. You almost can't tell that anything was done! In addition, the service levels in Thailand are VERY high as I was told to expect. His staff is lovely in every sense of the word. He's a funny guy. There are two assistant physicians and Dr. P supervises everything. And yes, they really do massage you during the procedure. They bring you snacks and dinner afterward (you order what you want). I had Pad Thai.

My only disappointment was that we only got 3300 grafts and I was hoping for 4000. My donor density is apparently a bit lower than average--though still good quality. (And maybe not enough laxity in the back to take enough? Not sure. I didn't do much in the way of scalp exercises due to traveling so much over the prior several months--maybe that was part of the issue.) I would have needed at least two hair transplants for complete coverage anyway--they estimated around 8000. So I will still have a bald spot in the back until I have a second hair transplant. I would have needed a second surgery anyway; the extras above 3300 would just have gone toward making the bald spot smaller.

(As an aside, I also had LASIK here and it was almost exactly half the price it was in the USA--and the same incredible level of service that seems to be the norm over here--foot massage while waiting for the drops to take effect; meals brought to me. Drink service. They used the new waveform LASIK, too. The results are incredible. No pain, no redness, no dryness, no night starbursts and better vision than ever before--especially my closeup vision. I can read as well as I could when I was 25. I love Thailand! Ok back to my hair...)

I got in at around 9:00, and was done by 18:30. They didn't require me to shave and I took that option, which he said slowed things down a bit.
I never did hear those "styrofoam cutting" sounds when they were making the incisions that others have mentioned--and frankly I am glad I didn't.

I had no swelling at all in the face. Dr. P is now using a headband as well as anti-swelling medications. The headband worked wonders and I would recommend asking your doctor about wearing one if he/she does not already supply one. I had a bit of swelling above the band, but nothing at all below it.

No real pain at all during the operation, but a LOT of pain around midnight. I finally fell asleep with meds and had no pain except for a slight headache when I woke up. Wish I had had some hydrocodone.

As of the day I wrote this, Dr. P has a three month waiting list. Keep this in mind if you are considering him for a transplant.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I have used Rogaine and Propecia with decidedly mixed results.

My Hair Loss Story

I've been losing hair since my early 20s. Unlike many others this never bothered me very much. Every once in a while I would look into various hair restoration techniques and medications but was not willing to submit to them because I was wary of the results. I saw too many people with doll-like hair. I would never consider a hair system or toupee, either. I'd rather be bald. I used Rogaine and Propecia with decidedly mixed results.

I recently discovered that a few physicians today were performing very natural looking hair transplants and finally decided go ahead with one. The costs, of course, have increased along with the sophistication of the results. I spent quite a bit of time researching surgeons on the Hair Transplant Network as well as other Web sites and found the costs to be quite high. Fortunately my work takes me to Asia every summer for several months at a time, so naturally I looked into surgeons in that area of the world and found that the costs were about half of the North American norms. I checked out some of the physicians there, and finally decided on Dr. P. in Bangkok, based on patient feedback and very strong recommendations from coalition physicians on this site. In addition, Thailand is well known for providing very high quality medical services.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Hair loss didn't bother me very much. I suppose the biggest thing was that I tried to avoid being photographed from high angles unless I was wearing a hat.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Nothing worked well for me; that's why I had the hair transplant.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I was as happy as I could be with the surgical experience and the results are far beyond what I had hoped!

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

A hair transplant with a skilled physician.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Well I met my fiancee after I got the transplant.... :)

My general advice and suggestions.

Research. Research. Research.

But once you have completed your research and settled on a skilled physician stop worrying and enjoy the ride...