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Plug HT in the early 80's.....

HT in Feb 2011 with Dr Bessam Farjo.  2000 grafts don't know the number of hairs

Non-Surgical Treatments:


My Hair Loss Story

I had a old style plug HT in my early 20's.  Don't know who it was that did it as I answered an ad in the paper and spoke to a guy on the phone from England who said they would be doing the procedures in Belfast in a few months time, he told me it would put a stop to my hairloss and I stupidly and naively believed him..........So hence I have spent the rest of my life covering the plugs as my hair has went further back and got thinner. For this past 15 yrs I have wore a part system as I really felt I had no other choice (and I hated it so much) I spoke to Mick from Farjo a while ago and arranged a consult and Dr Farjo.   When I met him he made me feel so at ease an gave me a lot of hope as he said he certainly could sort my hair problems out but I had to go away and think if surgery was what I really wanted to do.